Noble Winter Night

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Noble Winter Night
Event Chris' Mass Festival 389
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops, Jewelry shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Noble Winter Night, Sales Floor]
Swaths of pale-hued silk cover the floor, the ends bunched haphazardly together in the corners of the room. A large wrought iron chandelier with twenty pale-pink candles illuminates the tables and racks. Located next to a carved fir pole that serves as the pavilion's center is a small refreshment table and loveseat. Various attendants and clerks survey the area, looking for customers in need of assistance. You also see a jewelry box, a silverwillow chest, and an open flap.

On the refreshment table
Item Price Done
basket of savory hot acorn squash bread 0   No
wheel of mellow white cheese coated with crushed almonds 0   No
shot of papaya liquor 0   No
silver urn of strong black coffee 0   DG
kettle of white rose tea 0   
spiced warm milk 0   
slice of golden passionfruit 0   
barrel of Chadatru's Justice 0   
traditional Elven spiced bread thinly sliced and layered with an aromatic blend of honey, nuts and cinnamon with a delicately patterned sprinkling of powdered sugar and shaved chocolate topping each piece 0   No
On the gilt table
Item Price Done
white gold hairclip with white silk trailing from the end 7,500   
pair of platinum hair combs with dangling snow opals 87,500   
delicate platinum hairnet beaded with brilliant cloud-white spinels 48,625   
twisted gold coronet adorned with glittering emeralds 22,500   
ivory coronet tipped with irregularly shaped black pearls 11,250   
set of thin platinum hairsticks with blood-red rubies dangling from the tips 75,000   
gold hairclip adorned with a sparkling emerald horse 37,500   
long animite hairpin with silken ribbons trailing from the end 625,000   !!
twisted platinum coronet dappled with marquise diamonds 200,000   
On the shoe rack
Item Price Done
pair of dark blue spidersilk slippers set with diamond chips 27,500   No
pair of silvery slippers trimmed with seed pearls 5,625   !!
pair of ivory spidersilk slippers embellished with copper sequins 21,250   
pair of burgundy brocade slippers with crystal beads 3,750   No
pair of black slippers with crystal-trimmed ankle laces 5,000   No
pair of lavender sandals with silver beading 8,000   
On the elm rack
Item Price Done
dark blue spidersilk gown with diamond spiders 125,000   
silvery silk gown with a low scalloped neckline 40,000   
ivory spidersilk dress with a gossamer overlay 93,750   
burgundy brocade ball gown patterned with silver threaded stars 24,875   
midnight blue silk dress with slashed flowing sleeves 87,500   
form fitting black velvet dress with a dagged hem 24,000   
sweeping silk gown of pale lavender clasped at the waist with a light blue topaz 75,000   
On the fir pole
Item Price Done
lavender silk scarf with seed pearl fringes 6,250   
gossamer scarf stitched with dark crystal beads 3,750   
In the jewelry box
Item Price Done
woven platinum necklace with a solitaire teardrop black sapphire 400,000   
heavy animite torque depicting a raven resting on the shoulder of a lion 4,062,500   
triple-strand platinum necklace inset with an amethyst rose 125,000   
lavender ribbon choker with dangling gold lions 16,250   
black ribbon choker with dangling ruby ravens 38,750   
dark blue ribbon choker with a brilliant blue diamond 68,750   
pair of drop earrings adorned with sparkling blood-red rubies 62,500   
polished platinum bracelet set with gleaming emeralds 125,000   
platinum bracelet inset with the crest of the Traders' Guild 150,000   
platinum bracelet inset with the crest of the Paladins' Guild 162,500   
intricately carved ivory bracelet with gold flecks 4,375   
In the silverwillow chest
Item Price Done
pure white mantle trimmed with platinum threads and fire opals 125,000   !!
lavender cloak embellished with swirls of grey pearls 75,000   !!
flowing cloak embellished with cloud white spinels 22,500   !!