Vidro's Glassworks (1)

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Vidro's Glassworks
Event Chris' Mass Festival 389
Owner Vidro
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Alchemy shops, Trinket shops, Jewelry shops, Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Vidro's Glassworks]
Simple canvas-draped wooden frames outline a spacious dirt floor, packed and swept for easy footing. From an overhead beam hang copper lanterns positioned to display the wares to their best advantage. Two shelves line one side of the tent, while a sturdy rack stands opposite. Near the back, a lined tray stands on top of a pile of crates serving as a makeshift table. Below, a white basket and a black basket hold miscellaneous items. You also see a canvas flap and a large sign with the words "Attention shoppers!" printed in block letters.
Obvious exits: east.

On the top shelf
Item Price Done
orange glass mortar with a frosted rabbit ?   No
pale green glass mortar etched with twining vines ?   No
amber glass mortar with a frosted adder ?   No
purple glass mortar etched with a ring of jadice flowers ?   
black glass mortar etched with jagged flames ?   
In the small box
Item Price Done
green glass pestle ?   No
black glass pestle ?   
orange glass pestle ?   
blue glass pestle ?   No
red glass pestle ?   No
clear glass pestle ?   
yellow glass pestle ?   No
On the bottom shelf
Item Price Done
red glass goblet with an etched rose ?   No
clear glass goblet with a frosted steed ?   No
green glass with a frosted oak tree ?   No
smoky-grey glass ringed with thunderbolts ?   No
On the sturdy rack you
Item Price Done
circular mirror etched around the edge with a pack of running wolves ?   !!
square mirror frosted around the sides with a diamond pattern ?   No
rectangular mirror etched with frosted and flowering vines ?   No
triangular mirror etched in the right corner with a crescent moon ?   No
oval mirror frosted along the bottom rim with water grasses ?   No
On the lined tray
Item Price Done
twisted gold and emerald glass tailband ?   No
bronze and amber glass tailband ?   !!
silver and blue glass tailband ?   No
burnished copper and red glass tailband ?   No
In the white basket
Item Price Done
"These plain mortars can be custom-etched by Apprentice Glass Artisan Vidro. Appointment slots are limited and are not guaranteed, so purchase at your discretion."
black glass mortar ?   
green glass mortar ?   No
blue glass mortar ?   No
clear glass mortar ?   
red glass mortar ?   No
In the black basket
Item Price Done
"These plain glasses can be custom-etched by Apprentice Glass Artisan Vidro. Appointment slots are limited and are not guaranteed, so purchase at your discretion."
green glass ?   No
clear glass ?   No
rose glass ?   No
cobalt glass ?   No
yellow glass ?   No


[Vidro's Glassworks, Waiting Area]
Rugs and cushions blanket the ground in soft, colorful piles. Standing alone against the back wall, a pedestal displays a large glass sculpture. At the other side of the room, a circular table with assorted refreshments sits next to an appointment book on a small wooden podium. A canvas curtain hangs against an outer wall, providing escorted access to the work area outside. In the center of the curtain hangs a cloth sign.
Obvious exits: west.

On the circular table
Item Price Done
delicate porcelain pot of aromatic blueberry tea 0   No
chilled carafe of white wine 0   No
plate of gingerbread S'Kra Mur cookies 0   No