Pawla's Permutations (2)

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Pawla's Permutations
Event Chris' Mass Festival 389, Chris' Mass Festival 392, Chris' Mass Festival 396
Owner Pawla
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Rakash shops, Prydaen shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Pawla's Permutations]
Darkness is displaced but not dispelled from the center of this cluttered room by the flickering flames of a small candelabra hung from the ceiling. A worn rug covers the floor and threadbare Rathan carpets cover the tent's sides, insulating and keeping smoke and dust inside. Several large pillows propped against the back wall serve as both couch and bedding. You also see a lemonwood dresser with some stuff on it, a wobbly table with some stuff on it, a multi-pronged rack with some stuff on it, a display case with some stuff on it, a flap, a wooden stand with some stuff on it, a small counter with some stuff on it, and a center pole with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the lemonwood dresser
Item Price Done
dark brocade sash 14,062   !!
floral brocade sash 14,062   !!
On the wobbly table
Item Price Done
braided weapon strap 4,125   !!
boar bristle weapon strap 8,750   !!
On the multi-pronged rack
Item Price Done
black silk belt with a faceted onyx clasp 1,750   !!
white silk belt with a simple seed-pearl clasp 1,750   !!
colorful beaded belt 1,843   !!
intricately braided rose silk cord belt 5,812   !!
beaded la'tami belt 2,250   !!
scaled poloh'izh hide belt 3,037   !!
linen round-braided belt 687   !!
On the display case
Item Price Done
silver chased clasp 5,347   !!
bronze oval clasp 7,843   !!
silver triquetra clasp 8,100   
glittering topaz and gold clasp 15,000   !!
On the wooden stand
Item Price Done
white faille odaj 3,750   !!
black faille odaj 3,750   !!
gold and yellow checked odaj 4,675   !!
shiny black satin odaj 20,502   !!
dark green cotton odaj 7,593   !!
brown ramie odaj 5,093   !!
midnight-blue damask odaj 9,807   !!
dark grey odaj 3,437   !!
lilac striped odaj 59,231   !!
A note card reads: The odaj was first seen in Zoluren with the arrival of the Rakash who favor its flowing design because it allows free movement in both their forms. It is often loosely belted or fastened with a clasp below the breastbone.
On the small counter
Item Price Done
black watered silk rantija 6,625   !!
white watered silk rantija 6,625   !!
On the center pole
Item Price Done
embroidered black satin laulivas laufisana 2,500   !!
embroidered white satin laulivas laufisana 2,500   !!