Call Of The Wild

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Call Of The Wild
Event Chris' Mass Festival 389, Prydaen Culture Faire
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, General shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Call Of The Wild]
Covering the wagon's ceiling an abundance of pine boughs have been hung to recreate the look of a forest's canopy, lending a fresh scent to the air and hiding all sources of artificial light spotlighting the displayed merchandise. A variety of painted trees cover the walls, their muted shades of green helping to reinforce the woodland scene. Roughly-hewn containers are carefully arranged to form paths through the room, directing shoppers through the available stock for sale. You also see a pine-plank counter with some stuff on it, a pine-bough rack with some stuff on it, and a wooden door.
Obvious exits: west.

On the pine-plank counter
Item Price Done
primitive coyote hide backpack roughly stitched with dried sinew 8,750   
crimson-dyed rabbit fur backpack adorned along the flap by a fringe of gold charms 12,500   
sleek chocolate-brown fur backpack with braided leather straps 6,250   
leather-ribbed caracal fur backpack clasped by a yellowed fang 10,000   
black mink backpack clasped by a tiny paw with extended silver claws 12,500   
fluffy pink fur backpack clasped with a jeweled peony 37,500   
back-worn: 15 x 10 x 5 (1000 stones)
On the pine-bough rack
Item Price Done
pair of sheared silver fur boots adorned by a row of dangling fox tails 3,125   
pair of caracal-hide boots with stacked copper-plated heels 3,125   
fluffy white fur boots clasped on the side by rows of paw-shaped buckles 12,500   
pair of elegant black leather boots trimmed in mink with silver-inlaid high heels 3,750   
coyote-pelt boots with shaggy fur cuffs 3,125   

[Call Of The Wild, Fur Salon]
Mirrors panel the walls, their reflective surface framed by pooling drapes of white gauze. Tiny crystals sprinkled along the sheer fabric gives it the glittering effect of freshly fallen snow, which is repeated in a thick covering of plush carpet on the floor. Statuesque racks, fashioned from an assortment of materials, show the available merchandise to its best advantage. You also see a crystal rack shaped like a dancing gypsy with some stuff on it and a glass rack shaped like a branching tree with some stuff on it.

On the crystal rack
Item Price Done
shaggy coyote fur coat with a roughly cut cape collar 112,500   
primitive clouded arzumos fur longcoat secured by strips of sinew 125,000   
formal milady's golden sable longcoat secured by a single emerald-cut diamond 187,500   
floor-length black mink coat with wide belled sleeves 187,500   
frosty-white hiro bear fur coat fastened with arched claws 250,000   
On the glass rack
Item Price Done
voluminous rabbit fur cloak dyed a rich shade of midnight blue 87,500   
fluffy white fur cloak elegantly trimmed with silver fox tails 125,000   
sleek chocolate-brown fur cloak clasped with a clawed bear's paw 125,000   
leather-ribbed caracal fur cloak with a fanged collar 100,000   
feathery blush-pink fur cloak clasped by a heavily jeweled rose 225,000