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Event Chris' Mass Festival 389
Owner Osgeth
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Face paint shops, Cosmetics shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Osgeth's, Entry]
Large hides, tightly stretched over a frame of lashed together wooden poles, form a small antechamber to a larger tent behind a covered opening. The poles, the hides, even the lashing ropes, are spattered with numerous colors. You also see a square flap and a small table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

The sign reads:

!                                     !
!    Unlike the paintsticks, anyone   !
!    can use the face paint in the    !
!    clay jars.                       !
!                                     !
!    The clay jars do NOT contain     !
!    barbarian warpaint.  The jars    !
!    have enough paint to paint       !
!    your face with a design once.    !
!    Each of the ten jars contains    !
!    paint for a different pattern.   !
!                                     !
!    The face paint in the clay       !
!    jars is made by a friend of      !
!    mine, so don't ask me to         !
!    change it.                       !
!                                     !
Page title
Item Price Done
Green Jar - You have a dancing pattern of glittering painted musical notes scattered at random over your cheekbones. 1,250 Kronars   !!
Orange Jar - You have an eerie illusion of a grinning Human skull painted on your face. 1,250 Kronars   !!
Yellow Jar - You have a design of swirling russet leaves painted along the upper half of your face. 1,250 Kronars   !!
Brown Jar - You have a single sparkling golden diamond painted around your left eye. 1,250 Kronars   !!
Grey Jar - You have a jagged pattern of painted iridescent blue lightning bolts radiating up your forehead. 1,250 Kronars   !!
Blue Jar - You have a dusting of pallid pigment on your face, with heavy daubs of Katamba-black kohl around your eyes. 1,250 Kronars   !!
Black Jar - You have a random pattern of glittering golden coins painted along the right side of your face. 1,250 Kronars   !!
Purple Jar - You have an intricate pattern of overlapping iridescent diamonds painted on your temples. 1,250 Kronars   !!
White Jar - You have a swirling diagonal pattern of tiny silvery painted stars running from your forehead to cheekbone. 1,250 Kronars   !!