Snookie's Holiday Souvenirs (1)

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Snookie's Holiday Souvenirs
Event Chris's Mass Festival 389, Chris's Mass Festival 392
Owner Snookie
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Trinket shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Snookie's Holiday Souvenirs]
The doorway, partially concealed by a long set of amber beads, leads into this cluttered room. From ceiling to rug, and stashed in every nook and cranny, baskets, tables and crates overflow with an eclectic mixture of souvenirs. A set of shelves is stacked high with gleaming porcelain in a hodgepodge of colors and shapes. The far wall is covered with tiny holes.
Obvious exits: none.

In the wicker basket
Item Price Done
small glass egg trinket 1,500   No
small painted fireplace trinket 3,500   No
pewter Periel trinket dangling from a fine wire loop 300   
small sugar lollipop trinket 300   No
small cone of sweets trinket hanging from a round plaited cord 300   No
carved gremlin trinket painted with a dark expression 300   No
small painted flower trinket 300   No
small black ribbon trinket 3,500   No
son and parent trinket 1,300   !!
In the coir basket
Item Price Done
black velvet Hollow Eve trinket stitched with a tiny silver star 10,000   !!
golden apple trinket 7,000   !!
horn of plenty trinket 3,800   !!
sheaf of wheat trinket 300   !!
sun trinket dangling from a stiff black wire 2,000   !!
small square trinket of carved wood dangling from a cotton noose 300   No
olive branch trinket dangling from a small leather cord 300   No
diamond-studded trinket dangling from a polished silver chain 12,000   !!
spherical draconic opal trinket dangling from a round-linked chain 7,500   !!
triangular ebony trinket set with a single ruby 10,000   !!
In the bamboo basket
Item Price Done
small book trinket 700   No
small paper scroll trinket affixed with a red ribbon 300   No
small Asemath Academy trinket 1,300   No
small linen trinket painted with a cloudy visage 300   No
maple leaf trinket 300   !!
small weight scales trinket dangling from a fine chain 300   No
apple-and-grape trinket dangling from a ruby-red cord 300   !!
still life trinket dangling from a fine leather cord 300   !!
oak Glythtide trinket dangling from a golden chain 300   !!
In the rope basket
Item Price Done
glittering Chris's Mass trinket 300   !!
oblong lapis lazuli trinket dangling from a silver cord 2,500   !!
small carved pumpkin trinket dangling from a black cord 300   No
hammer and saw trinket 300   !!
small ghoul trinket 1,300   No
musical note trinket 1,300   !!
voile ball gown trinket dangling from a slender lace loop 1,300   !!
trinket of a pair of female Humans dueling with swords 700   !!
trinket of a male Elf drawing a bow 300   !!
On the pine shelf
Item Price Done
commemorative Glythtide plate 300   
white commemorative Shosandu cup edged with silvery lyres 300   No
commemorative Faenella plate 300   !!
commemorative Faenella cup 300   !!
commemorative Jeolandu plate 300   
commemorative Jeolandu cup 300   !!
white commemorative Shosandu plate edged with tiny silver lyres 300   No
black commemorative Shosandu cup edged with golden snowflakes 300   !!
black commemorative Shoshandu plate edged with golden snowflakes 300   !!
On the pine shelf
Item Price Done
commemorative Chris's Mass plate edged with scintillating frosting 300   No
commemorative Blufandu plate 300   No
commemorative Eluned plate 300   No
commemorative Surmirae Anladorlo plate 300   !!
commemorative Hav'roth plate 300   !!
commemorative Anlandu plate 300   No
white commemorative Truffenyi plate 300   No
commemorative Everild plate of pale green porcelain 300   !!
square commemorative Lormandu plate of pale blue porcelain 300   
scalloped Divyaush commemorative plate 300   
On the pine shelf
Item Price Done
commemorative Chris' Mass cup edged with scintillating frosting 300   No
commemorative Glythtide cup of pale yellow porcelain 300   !!
white commemorative Truffenyi cup 300   No
commemorative Blufandu cup 300   No
commemorative Eluned cup 300   No
commemorative Surmirae Anladorlo cup 300   
commemorative Anlandu cup 300   No
commemorative Everild cup of pale green porcelain 300   No
square commemorative Lormandu cup 300   
scalloped Divyaush cup edged with tiny sweets 300   
commemorative Hollow Eve cup glazed in black and set with a single crystal 300   !!
On the wall
Item Price Done
A sign reads:

To see the variety of cabinets for sale, look on the wall.
Please then order by wood type, e.g.: Order mahogany cabinet.
These cabinets will hold all souvenirs made by me or sold in my shop.

lacquered cherrywood souvenir cabinet with twisted drop handles 57,000   !!
ebony souvenir cabinet with beveled panes of glass 120,000   !!
linden souvenir cabinet with faceted crystal knobs 120,000   
burlwood souvenir cabinet 90,000   !!
mahogany souvenir cabinet with fretwork doors and flat-paned glass 100,000   
oak souvenir cabinet 60,000   No
varnished cedar souvenir cabinet with small dangling handles of white ivory 27,000   No
aganylosh'a souvenir cabinet 90,000   No
white ash souvenir cabinet 50,000   No
beech souvenir cabinet 50,000   No
birch souvenir cabinet 50,000   No
carved bloodwood souvenir cabinet with small brass knobs 91,000   No
mistwood souvenir cabinet with silver inlaid handles 95,000   No
stained pine souvenir cabinet with porcelain knobs 25,000   No
bird's-eye maple cabinet with dangling filigree handles 55,000   No
smooth rosewood souvenir cabinet with wrought-iron knobs 72,000   No
varnished walnut souvenir cabinet with turned ebony handles 55,000   No