Outcast Military Surplus

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Outcast Military Surplus
Event Shard Liberation Festival, Chris' Mass Festival 389
Owner Outcast Tribe
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops, Clothing shops, Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Outcast Military Surplus, Armory]
Suits of armor in various stages of repair are scattered about the tent, resembling a battlefield strewn with dead soldiers. From behind a makeshift forge, someone hums a sprightly tune as they pound on some damaged mail, filling the air with the smell of molten steel. Refurbished pieces, displayed for sale, decorate mannequins painted to resemble comedic effigies of Outcast officials. You also see a tent flap, a large sign, a tiered ebonwood rack with some stuff on it, a carved walnut pedestal with some stuff on it, a wooden box with some stuff on it, and an oak chest with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west.

A large sign reads:
All of our merchandise was found abandoned by the Outcast Army.
Proceeds from sales of these items will be donated to the brave citizens
who lost their homes during the occupation of Ilithi. 

On the Koromas mannequin
Item Price Done
sand-brushed silver shield inlaid with a jeweled desert rose 180,400   !!!!
studded sand-scarred shield 18,039   !!!!
blackened shield painted with a fierce lion leaping through a wall of flames 22,550   !!!!
goat-hide shield painted with a majestic lion proudly seated on a sand dune 6,314   !!
golden shield engraved with a lush desert oasis 27,060   !!!!
jeweled tower shield inlaid with a pattern of clawed paw-prints 261,580   !!!!
darkened steel buckler painted with a lion standing over a fallen warrior 10,824   !!!!
polished silver buckler overlaid with a sculpted fan of graceful palm fronds 180,400   !!!!
On the Raenilar mannequin
Item Price Done
sand-scarred leather gloves with spiked cuffs 1,316   !!!!
sand-scarred leather helm riveted with spikes around the collar 1,406   !!!!
padded leather gloves splatter-dyed in an array of camouflage colors 1,316   !!!!
padded leather helm splatter-dyed in an array of camouflage colors 1,406   !!!!
sand-scarred battle leathers 23,000   !!!!
padded leather hunters splatter-dyed in an array of camouflage colors ?   No
black leather gloves with ornamental ivory claws on each fingertip 1,316   !!
black leather helm stitched with a flowing mane 1,406   !!
black leather body armor trimmed with tufts of animal hair at the neck and cuffs 23,000   !!!!
On the Varinocae mannequin
Item Price Done
blackened full plate armor inlaid with an ivory-clawed lion's paw 135,300   !!!!
black gauntlets forged to resemble razor-sharp claws of a lion's paw 4,059   !!
blackened great helm adorned with a clawed lion's paw faceplate 14,070   !!!!
blackened bascinet helm embossed with a pattern of lion's paws 10,824   !!!!
padded field plate armor smudged with paint in camouflage colors 99,220   !!!!
padded great helm smudged with paint in camouflage colors 14,070   !!!!
padded gauntlets smudged with paint in camouflage colors 4,059   !!!!
On the Wyren mannequin
Item Price Done
frayed cotton cloak henna-dyed the color of a desert sunrise 60,434   !!
embroidered cloak depicting a mighty lion in battle against the World Dragon 67,650   !!
black nightsilk cloak clasped with an intricately carved ivory lion's paw 225,500   !!
fur-lined shepherd's cloak clasped with a whittled goat horn 60,434   !!
colorful silk cloak appliqued with a fan of graceful palm fronds 67,650   !!
tightly woven gauze cloak embroidered in gold with thorned desert roses 74,866   !!
hooded black camel-hair cloak veined with silver steelsilk threads 67,650   !!
hooded brown camel-hair cloak veined with gold steelsilk threads 67,650   !!
On the Yhaman mannequin
Item Price Done
golden chain gloves adorned with carved ivory lion's teeth 13,168   !!!!
golden chain helm adorned with carved ivory lion's teeth 14,070   !!!!
golden chain armor adorned with carved ivory lion's teeth 23,000   !!!!
studded chain body armor tinted the hues of a desert sunrise 23,000   !!!!
studded sand-scarred chain helm 14,070   !!!!
studded sand-scarred chain gloves 13,168   !!!!
heavy mail armor smudged with paint in camouflage colors 23,000   DG
padded mail gloves smudged with paint in camouflage colors 13,168   !!!!
padded chain helm smudged with paint in camouflage colors 13,168   !!!!
On the ebonwood rack
Item Price Done
sand-scarred scimitar with a padded goat-hide hilt 54,120   
engraved scimitar hilted in flame-kissed gold 90,200   
silver-edged katar adorned with a clawed handguard 62,238   
polished lion-claw throwing dagger 13,530   
elaborate animite-tipped short bow carved from desert palms 721,600   !!!!
steel-banded bone club tinted in the hues of a desert morning 81,180   
On the walnut pedestal
Item Price Done
tempered steel bastard sword hilted with a carved-ivory lion's paw 902,000   !!!!
engraved bastard sword hilted in onyx trimmed with spun gold 983,991   !!
On the wooden box
Item Price Done
white silk turban pinned with a carved-ebony lion's paw 902   !!
raw silk turban pinned with a spray of vulture feathers 902   !!
golden silk turban pinned with a spray of parrot feathers 902   !!
silver silk turban trimmed with black braid 902   !!
red silk turban trimmed with gold braid 1,353   !!
raw silk turban in a camouflage print 902   !!
black silk turban trimmed with silver braid 1,353   !!
On the oak chest
Item Price Done
Outcast Rychre doll 4,961   No
Outcast Taber doll 4,961   No
Outcast Varinocae doll 4,961   No
Outcast Wyren doll 4,961   No
Outcast Koromas doll 4,961   No
Outcast Yhaman doll 4,961   !!
Outcast Raenilar doll 4,961   No
Outcast archer doll 3,157   No
Outcast mage doll 3,157   No
Outcast warrior doll 3,157   No
Outcast pikeman doll 3,157   No
Outcast cleric doll 3,157   No
Outcast moonmage doll 3,157   No


[Outcast Military Surplus, Salon]
Yards of colorful cotton fabric drape the walls in an attempt to create a restful spot amongst the chaos of shoppers. Padded benches line either side of a small table offering refreshments, set out to encourage customers to linger. Potted palms randomly placed around the room add a finishing touch. You also see a beaded curtain.
Obvious exits: east.

On the small table
Item Price Done
baked cheese twists 0   !!
bunch of plump juicy grapes 0   
silver plate filled with rich double-fudge brownie with lacy white chocolate icing 0   !!
silver platter of glazed peach tarts 0   !!
stout glass decanter of black suur 0   !!
neat pyramid of jade-colored tea-ice that rests inside a shallow waxed paper cone 0   !!
small pot of spiced lemon tea spiked with a splash of apple brandy 0   
silver urn of strong black coffee 0   DG