Tent of Bowmaster Renshear

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The Tent of Bowmaster Renshear
Event Chris' Mass Festival 389, Chris' Mass Festival 396
Owner Kiiara
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Tent of Bowmaster Renshear]
A study in elegance, this tent displays the subtle aesthetic and clean lines of the Elothean people to stunning effect. Several sections of cloth in the ceiling have been rolled back allowing light to stream in and illuminate the wares for sale. An unfurled scroll has been tacked to the central tent pole. A low arch separates the back of the tent from the main area and a flap leads back outside. You also see a deep wicker basket with some stuff in it, a lengthy oak sideboard with some stuff on it, an imbusia display rack with some stuff on it, and a grey table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

An unfurled scroll reads:

"I am proud to present my dearly departed uncle Renshear Shapan'geur's masterpieces, 
the make of which was taught to me at his knee.  It is my hope that they do his memory justice.  
~ Kiiara Shapan'geur."

In the wicker basket
Item Price Done
paste-like Dwarven glue 1,127   No
syrupy powder-based glue 1,127   No
plentiful fletcher's glue 1,127   No
thick brownish glue 1,127   No
sticky craftsman's glue 1,127   No
blue boobrie glue 1,127   No
refined bowyer's glue 1,127   No
On the oak sideboard
Item Price Done
tiny wren feather flights 1,127   No
shimmering peacock feather flights 1,127   No
dusty brown hawk feather flights 1,127   No
glistening black crow feather flights 1,127   No
bedraggled gidii feather flights 1,127   No
singed sun vulture feather flights 1,127   No
exquisite great grey boobrie feather flights 1,127   No
On the grey table
Item Price Done
war bodkin arrowhead 2,255   No
flint arrowhead 2,255   No
Tempest arrowhead 2,255   No
Ironwing arrowhead 2,255   No
Black Shar arrowhead 2,255   No
On the display rack
Item Price Done
magnificent purple heart and osage Elothean battle bow fitted with an onyx arrow plate 394,625   
white oak Elothean competition-balanced longbow 169,125   
triple-laminate shedua reflex bow covered in ancient Elothean sigils 259,325   !!
double-laminate hickory longbow with a string of exotic feathers dangling from the grip 84,562   !!
gleaming lemonwood recurve bow with snowbeast fang tips 95,837   !!
refurbished black Gorbesh composite bow with tips fashioned in gold 67,650   !!
reinforced osage Elven war bow hand-tooled with an undulating wave pattern 225,500   !!

[The Tent of Bowmaster Renshear, Vestibule]
Nearly as large as the main area of the tent and considerably dimmer, the vestibule is completely unfurnished. A gentle breeze ruffles the soft grass carpeting the ground underfoot, creating a peaceful atmosphere to sit and gather one's thoughts. A simple notice is pinned to the tent wall near a thick curtain, a small card beside it. You also see a low arch leading back to the main area.
Obvious exits: none.

A simple notice reads:

Welcome to my workshop.  I will be available to provide embellishment to objects related to the bowyer's art.  
That includes bows, arrows, crossbows, bolts and the implements required in fletchery.  If you want materials I do 
not stock worked into your designs, you'd best supply them.  I'm an artisan, not a magician.

Furthermore, I cannot alter the nature of your items.  
I cannot change oak into ebony anymore than I can change your coppers into gold. 
I can sand, laminate, color, carve and garnish your items, but their very nature was dictated at the time they were constructed.

If you want a better bow, you need a better bowyer.

I will not work on damaged goods.  If you cannot be bothered to care for your tools, 
I cannot be bothered to make them more than they currently are.

The price for every embellishment comes in two parts: the cost of the physical labor and materials involved 
and an explaination of WHY you wish the work done.  If you cannot provide either part of the cost, 
I cannot do the work requested.

I do not suffer fools in my prescence, nor do I work for them.

:::-- Bowmaster Renshear

A small card reads:

An addendum has been added to the bottom of the notice.  It reads:

ADDENDUM -- In the service of clarity, the following:

1.  By remaining in my tent and/or placing your name on my list, you agree to abide by my rules and my judgment.

2.  Placing your name on my list puts you in line for an audience with me.  
It does not guarantee you an audience with me at the time you join the list.  
When and how I choose to end my work session is my own prerogative.  If I am tired, I will choose to sleep.  
It is LIKELY that I will honor the remainder of those on my list at a later point.

3.  You are interested in my services and my work as a craftsman.  Comport yourself as such.

4.  My services cost more than just coin, if that had not already been made clear.  
I require a story assigning worth to the work you request of me, rather than just a description of what you want.

5.  Those who complain and otherwise vent their spleen about my rules within my tent shall forfeit their place on the list. 
In other words, behave in a civilized manner and you will be treated in the same.