Turialo's Haven (1)

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Turialo's Haven
Event Chris' Mass Festival 389
Owner Turialo
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Turialo's Haven]
The walls and ceiling of this small caravan have been painted a pale blue, a mural of a winter landscape making it seem much larger than it is. The fresh white carpet is sprinkled with a blue glitter, giving it the appearance of newly fallen snow. Large origami snowflakes have been hung from the ceiling, completing the look. You also see a white table with some stuff on it, a large clothing rack with some stuff on it, a large mannequin with some stuff on it, and a wide door.
Obvious exits: east.

The glittering carpet has been shaded a light grey in a few places to resemble snowdrifts, further enhancing the look of new-fallen snow. The design on the carpet merges seamlessly with the mural.

On the white table
Item Price Done
royal purple muff lined with dark grey rabbit fur 20,000   
dark blue damask muff lined with black fur 7,750   !!
blue woolen mittens with white fur lining 3,750   
white satin headband painted with large silver snowflakes 7,500   
wide silver damask headband stitched with white stars 6,250   
On the clothing rack
Item Price Done
pale blue damask dress painted with a winter forest scene 18,000   !!
blue and purple gown of deeply blending shades 15,000   !!
pale blue velvet gown with a wide silver border 75,000   !!
large white cotton shirt with billowing sleeves 3,125   
dark grey coat fashioned from thick lamb's wool 6,750   !!
floor-length leather coat dyed a deep silver 45,000   
dark blue knee-length coat trimmed with white snowbeast fur 18,750   
On the large mannequin
Item Price Done
black fur earmuffs speckled with purple and blue points 1,625   
dark grey fur earmuffs speckled with white and silver points 1,625   
thick woolen cap embroidered with silver snowflakes 2,000   !!
large grey woolen cap adorned with tiny glass raindrops 2,375   !!
thick black damask scarf edged with dark grey trim 12,000   !!
silver woolen scarf edged with purple trim 4,500   !!
pale blue woolen scarf edged with silver trim 4,500   !!

[Turialo's Haven, Winter Jewelry]
The walls of this small room are painted to resemble the interior of a jeolzindu, with white ice bricks painted onto wooden boards. A small circular window has been frosted over and painted with a scene of children throwing snowballs. A small cast iron stove crackles cheerfully in one corner of the room, a fresh pot of tea resting atop it. You also see a small wooden table with some stuff on it, a white counter with some stuff on it, and a small windowed door.
Obvious exits: west.

Hints of cheerful firelight can be seen through the narrow slots of the stove's door.

This cheerful silver teapot has a row of white ducks painted on its side.

You take a sip of the tea. Warm and spicy. It makes you tingle down to your toes!

On the wooden table
Item Price Done
black velvet choker set with a cabochon malachite stone 12,900   
royal purple damask choker set with a princess-cut sapphire 31,050   
wide glass ring stained with a streak of blue 825   
thin silver ring set with a small marquise sapphire 16,250   
polished animite ring set with a heart-shaped sapphire 828,750   
thin white ring made of highly polished wood 1,625   
wide glass tailband etched with a frosty winter scene 2,750   
thin silver tailband etched with small snowflakes 26,875   !!
On the white counter
Item Price Done
stained glass pendant etched with a tall mountain 1,650   
pale blue glass pendant detailed with a winter landscape 28,125   
thin silver armband set with small marquise diamonds 28,125   !!
thin glass armband of alternating blue and silver 825   
wide platinum armband set with a trio of rubies 787,500   
wide silver bracelet set with cabochon turquoise stones 5,687   
thin animite bracelet set with a star ruby 2,500,000   !!
thin silver necklace of double mesh links 11,250   !!
thin platinum necklace suspending a delicate sapphire teardrop 205,000