Aqueous Accoutrements (1)

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Aqueous Accoutrements
Festival Chris' Mass Festival 389
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Housing shops, Estate Holder shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Kronars

[Aqueous Accoutrements]
The thin layer of sand on the floor is dotted with small shells. Thin strips of green silk hang from the top of the tent, imitating a kelp forest. The furniture for sale lies in the middle of the faux forest. You also see a helpful clerk and an open flap.
Obvious exits: east, west.

Premium Shop

Item Price Done
sand-filled sailcloth cot 10,000   
braided kelp hammock 5,000   
coral canopy bed hung with rich blue cloths 250,000   
wooden bed with a domed headboard and mounds of round gold pillows 650,000   
glistening oyster shell bed nestled in bright red coral 600,000   


[Aqueous Accoutrements]
A small lantern hangs from the ceiling of the tent. Underneath it sits a low bowl of water, diffusing the light and giving the appearance of sunlight shining through the sea waves. You also see a helpful clerk.
Obvious exits: east.

Item Price Done
cobalt glass table 150,000   
delicate pale blue table carved from a solid slab of coral 150,000   
high-backed rattan chair - (single item) 8,000   
barnacle-encrusted driftwood chair - (single item) 6,000   


[Aqueous Accoutrements]
Shattered bits of a broken ship are strewn about the sandy floor. Flanked by the debris, a small sandcastle has been erected in front of the merchandise. A helpful clerk stands ready to help awaiting customers.
Obvious exits: west.

Item Price Done
woven seaweed floor mat 7,000   
seashell-framed painting 50,000   
mass of tangled netting 5,000   
stuffed blue swordfish mounted on an oak plaque 20,000   
ship's helm armor stand 250,000   
broken fife rail weapon rack 150,000