Wine Knot

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Wine Knot
Event Chris' Mass Festival 389
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Wine Knot]
Nestled against the trunk of a towering tree, a rounded bar surrounded by several bar stools waits for thirsty patrons interested in a taste of the vineyards. Temporary wooden screens erected to separate the bar from the rest of the park help muffle the noise from outside, creating an intimate environment for relaxing and learning about wine. You also see a small sign perched on the edge of the bar.

On the rounded bar you see a green glass bottle stuck with a fancy silver label.

Our Exquisite Collection of Wines
Item Price Done
Chauncy Cabernet - A full-bodied red wine with a deep plum-burgundy color, this wine has a nice blend of woodsy and fruity flavors. 25   No
Rakestraw's Home Rioja - Casked and corked locally, this mellow red wine has afternotes of warm spices that continue to flavor the palate long after the last swallow. 25   No
Amana's Alsala - Strong on fruit flavors, this sharp, white wine is best tasted chilled in a frosted glass. 25   No
Blasche Farms Suvyn - A mild but dry white wine with no lingering sweetness. 25   No
Wine Knot House Wine 25   No
Our Free Range Cheeses
Item Price Done
Svenblom 25   No
Farmhouse Brisht 25   No
Maynar's Golden 25   No
Tibbitz 25   !!
Blander's Blend 25   No