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Inner Vision
Event Chris' Mass Festival 389
# of Rooms 8
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Inner Vision, Entrance]
Lavish silk, rich velvet and extravagant gold- and silver-gilt adorn every inch of this caravan's interior, presenting an expensive if not gaudy feast for the eyes. Richly embroidered cloth dividers with heavy fabric curtains partition off the various areas of the caravan, and gaethzen orbs hanging from ornate hooks crafted from various precious metals cast a warm light over the room. You also see an open door, a richly embroidered tapestry, a large ebony-framed sign, and a flamewood table with some stuff on it.

A large ebony-framed sign reads:

"Welcome to Inner Vision, crafters of the finest jewelry and gemstones in all of Kermoria!  
We have traveled the entire continent and beyond to bring you the finest precious metals 
and gemstones wrought into lovely forms at affordable prices."

From atop a high tower, an Elven princess with long flaxen hair tosses brilliantly sparkling gems to a proud knight standing below. The knight's armor juts out, the shining plate's proportions exaggerated.

A richly embroidered tapestry reads:

"~*~Hidden Jewels~*~"
On the flamewood table
Item Price Done
lightly glazed almond wreath pastry 0   
raised dish of rich sibo-diaka 0   
small pot of spiced lemon tea spiked with a splash of apple brandy 0   
fluffy diakasuur on a delicate frosted blue glass plate 0   
delicate porcelain pot of bitter green tea with a hint of raw honey 0   DG

[Inner Vision, Yellow Room]
Gauzy panels the color of sunshine are pinned to the walls in great poofs, glittering golden threads running through them. Spread over the floor is a soft wool rug dyed a brilliant sky-blue, supporting an ivory tray at its center. You also see a yellow curtain.

On the ivory tray
Item Price Done
glittering yellow diamond 253,125   
circle of gold citrine 19,012   
teardrop golden beryl 8,606   
polished cat's eye quartz 13,753   
brilliant cabochon sunstone 16,875   
sparkling yellow sapphire 145,552   
oval of gold-flecked amber 2,430   

[Inner Vision, Red Room]
Heavy swathes of red silk drape from the ceiling, secured to the walls with delicate gold chains to fall in a vibrant cascade to the floor. A solid gold tray is set in the center of the tapestry rug underfoot, positioned beneath a brightly lit candelabra. You also see a red curtain.

On the gold tray
Item Price Done
lustrous crimson bloodgem 27,225   
sparkling pink diamond 253,125   
square of red jade 5,400   
triangular blushing pink sapphire 168,750   
round wine-red garnet 27,225   
glittering cushion-cut ruby 138,375   
oval cabochon fire opal 83,025   

[Inner Vision, Blue Room]
Shimmering panels of midnight blue silk cascade from the ceiling, accented by gleaming silver roundels. A heavy brocade rug depicting a bustling cityscape covers the wooden floor below, and the area is lit by bright candelabra. A silver-plated tray is set in the center of the room. You also see a blue curtain.

On the silver-plated tray
Item Price Done
smooth oval twilight-blue sapphire 64,687   
gleaming sky-blue aquamarine 42,187   
placid blue turquoise 12,937   
faceted blue diamond 168,750   
square-cut blue topaz 45,225   
square-cut ocean-blue tourmaline 31,725   
triangle of gold-flecked lapis lazuli 10,293   

[Inner Vision, Green Room]
Heavy drapes of emerald-green velvet envelop the room in luxury. Crystal beads hang in long strands against the soft fabric, refracting the light of several candelabra placed about the room. You also see a green curtain and a bronze tray with some stuff on it.

On the bronze tray
Item Price Done
gleaming sea-green sapphire 145,552   
shimmering verdigris zircon 35,437   
pear-shaped green alexandrite 54,900   
scintillating multi-faceted emerald 113,906   
richly-hued Illithi emerald 113,906   
oval leaf-green chrysoprase 2,700   
triangle of striated malachite 2,700   
rectangle of forest-green jade 3,600   

[Inner Vision, Black Room]
Mimicking eventide with its darkness, gossamer strands of black silk twist in tortuous spirals from the paneled walls. A raw silk mat covers the wooden floor underfoot. You also see a black curtain and an obsidian tray with some stuff on it.

On the obsidian tray
Item Price Done
shimmering black sapphire 145,552   
round glitter-veined almiris 2,700   
square of dark adderstone 2,137   
oval of black amber 3,645   
knotwork black jade 5,400   
square of polished black obsidian 5,400   
cabochon snowflake obsidian 5,400   
shiny round onyx bead 5,400   
black cushion-cut diamond 168,750   !!
triangle of black volcanic glass 3,600   

[Inner Vision, Purple Room]
Wrapped in the traditional color of royalty, the luxurious floral brocade of the walls is accented by thin strands of gold woven throughout. Golden candelabrum dangle amethyst shards, echoing the rich hue of the room. You also see a purple curtain and a crystal tray with some stuff on it.

On the crystal tray
Item Price Done
scintillating blue-tinged amethyst 63,112   
sparkling purple alexandrite 123,525   
starry purple iolite 7,537   
square-cut purple tourmaline 31,725   
circle of violet amber 3,645   
half-moon lavender jade 5,400   
rich purple sapphire 64,687   

[Inner Vision, White Room]
Snowy panels of pristine white velvet cover the walls like layers of frost on a mountainside. Iridescent flecks of crystal lie scattered over the panels, shimmering in the light of the bright candelabra. A golden tray rests in the center of the room, atop a snowbeast pelt rug. You also see a white curtain.

On the golden tray
Item Price Done
pale star-stone 64,687   
rectangle of smooth alabaster 3,600   
oval of iridescent mother-of-pearl 34,312   
translucent white topaz 45,225   
milky white moonstone 13,218   
cushion-cut white diamond 112,500   
knotwork white jade 5,400   

[Inner Vision, Rarities]
Softly draped silk, dyed in swirling jewel tones, cover the walls in this small room. An elaborate tapestry rug, thick enough to mute footfall and absorb unwanted noise, pads the floor. A single oil lamp burns brightly above an animite-edged tray in the center of the room. Beside the iridescent curtain leading back to the main room is a small animite lever.

On the animite-edged tray
Item Price Done
starry twilight sapphire ?   No
dragon's scale sapphire ?   No
pale blue moon pearl ?   No
vibrant starfire topaz ?   No
dusky tempest sapphire ?   No
richly-hued midnight ruby ?   No
dark eventide moonstone ?   No
smooth ocean jasper ?   No
spiral-cut winter emerald ?   No
toffee-hued smoky diamond ?   No
jagged molten-core diamond ?   No
shimmering green diamond ?   No
glittering fire agate ?   No