Forests and Fae

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Forests and Fae
Event Chris' Mass Festival 389
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Trinket shops, Weapon shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Forests and Fae, Tapestry Room]
Almost bare of ornamentation aside from the two sets of intricate tapestries hanging from the wall to either side of the flap leading out, this room looks as if the owner hasn't quite finished decorating. A soft woolen carpet covers the floor, while a simple oak table holds a silver tray of refreshments. A bright silk curtain leads to the back of the tent, while arches to the east and west allow views of the shopping areas. You also see a simple oak table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the oak table
Item Price Done
tiny spun sugar fae 0   
steaming bowl of spiced apple cider 0   
tiny lemon tart dusted with sugar 0   No
leaf-lined tray of juicy red berries 0   No

[Forests and Fae, The Fae Kingdom]
Brightly lit with flower-shaped gaezthen spheres, this side of the tent sparkles from the reflected light of hundreds of tiny crystals sewn onto the rainbow-hued silken walls. The slender silverwillow tent poles support an array of heavy silver hooks, while a polished velvet-covered counter and a graceful silk-draped table face each other across the room.
Obvious exits: west.

On the silver hooks
Item Price Done
pale violet watered silk fae wings ?   No
trailing white spidersilk wings ?   No
midnight-hued nightsilk wings ?   No
mist-grey spidersilk wings ?   No
dainty yellow silk fae wings ?   No
trailing nightsilk fae wings ?   No
crimson and gold spidersilk wings ?   No
leaf green spidersilk fae wings ?   No
rainbow-hued watered silk fae wings ?   No
On the silver tray
Item Price Done
translucent white crystal wand engraved with swirling snowflakes ?   No
glittering silver wand tipped with a translucent blue crystal sphere ?   !!
spiraling platinum wand etched with falling stars ?   No
leaf green crystal wand tipped with a silver star ?   !!
slender gold wand tipped with a sparkling ruby heart ?   No
In the glass case
Item Price Done
bright gold crown inset with tiny amber acorns ?   No
dark silver crown engraved with swirling snowflakes ?   No
pale silver crown inset with dark emerald leaves ?   No
delicate platinum crown etched with dancing sapphire-winged fae ?   No
diamond-dusted gold crown inset with heart-shaped rubies ?   No

On the silk-draped table
Item Price Done
dusty rose velvet haversack embroidered with dancing silver fae - Contains: A shimmering pink spidersilk gown dusted with tiny crystal dewdrops, some misty pink spidersilk fae wings, some elbow-length gloves of petal pink silk clasped with tiny crystal roses, some sheer pink spidersilk stockings dusted with tiny crystal dewdrops, and a pair of dainty rose velvet dancing slippers with silken ankle-laces 150,000   !!
sunshine yellow silk haversack clasped with a golden buttercup - Contains: Some elbow-length gloves of sunshine-hued silk clasped with tiny golden buttercups, some sheer yellow spidersilk stockings dusted with tiny crystal dewdrops, a pair of soft gold velvet dancing slippers with silken ankle-laces, a sunshine-hued spidersilk gown dusted with tiny crystal dewdrops, and some bright gold spidersilk fae wings 150,000   !!
ice blue velvet haversack embroidered with swirling silver snowflakes - Contains: An ice blue velvet gown frosted with silvery-white spidersilk, some ice-blue spidersilk wings dusted with sparkling diamonds, a flowing scarf of ice blue gossamer clasped with a silver snowflake, a pair of frosted silk dancing slippers embroidered with sapphire snowflakes, and some silvery spidersilk stockings embroidered with dancing snow sprites 150,000   !!
leaf-green spidersilk haversack clasped with a silver oak leaf - Contains: A flowing scarf of pale green gossamer clasped with a silver oak leaf, some translucent spidersilk stockings embroidered with twining silver ivy, a leaf-green spidersilk gown embroidered with twining silver ivy, a pair of delicate emerald velvet dancing slippers clasped with silver leaves, and some trailing emerald spidersilk fae wings 150,000   !!
A delicate vellum note reads:

Each haversack holds a different outfit, although they contain the same types of clothing. (Matching gown, wings, scarf, slippers, and stockings)

[Forests and Fae, The Hidden Forest]
Surrounding the base of a large willow tree with hook-like branches, this area of the tent resembles a woodland clearing. A soft, moss-green woolen carpet covers the floor, while large tapestries woven with images of magnificent deobar trees cover the walls. Standing beneath the oak, the figures of a darkly-clad ranger and a willowy Elf face each other over a pile of fallen leaves. A pair of delicate baskets lies on the floor near the tree, filled with colorful treasures.
Obvious exits: east.

In the bark basket
Item Price Done
circlet of thorny vines twined with blood-red blossoms 937   !!
circlet of colorful autumn leaves 1,500   !!
delicate circlet of cascading violet blossoms 1,125   !!
delicate circlet of cascading pink and white blossoms 1,375   !!
In the bark basket
Item Price Done
bright berry earrings 275   !!
necklace of bright berries 875   !!
heavy black ironwood ring 2,160   !!
tiny wren feather charm 2,660   !!
dainty silverwillow ring 1,732   !!
polished acorn cup suspended from a leather cord 156   !!
On the willow tree
Item Price Done
dark leather haversack clasped with a trio of ebony feathers 3,475   !!
dainty leaf-woven pouch 900   !!
belt pouch woven from bright red feathers 10,000   !!
embossed leather foraging satchel 1,350   !!
dark leather weapons harness 1,350   !!
On the fallen leaves
Item Price Done
slender silverwillow longbow engraved with falling leaves 26,250   
ebony longbow with a leather-wrapped grip 10,937   No
ebony short bow with a leather-wrapped grip 3,500   No
slender silverwillow short bow engraved with falling leaves 8,750   No
On the darkly-clad ranger
Item Price Done
knee-high ebony leather boots 3,600   !!
supple dark suede leggings with leather bindings 2,700   !!
dark leather wristcuff tooled with swirling feathers 1,350   !!
deep green suede tunic with dark leather laces 4,437   !!
On the willowy Elf
Item Price Done
pair of torn crimson silk fae wings 48,000   !!
creamy doeskin tunic laced with dark suede cord 2,945   !!
creamy suede wristcuff clasped with a tiny acorn 1,812   !!
pair of soft suede thigh boots clasped with tiny acorns 3,012   !!
dark leather skirt embossed with swirling leaves 3,175   !!