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Event Chris' Mass Festival 389
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cambrinth shops, General shops, Juggling shops, Magic shops, Trinket shops
This store only accepts Kronars

It is evident that the proprietor of this shop is obsessed with spirals. The furnishings, containers, and even the fabric of the tent itself are swirls in shape and color. The effect is rather loud and disorienting, although the quality of the materials is of the highest order. You also see a gold spiral counter with some stuff on it, a silver spiral rack with some stuff on it, a blue spiral stand with a cambrinth-handled footbrush on it, a white spiral shelf with some stuff on it, a red spiral stand with some stuff on it, a green spiral stand with a pair of cambrinth-framed spectacles on it, and a tent flap.

On the gold spiral counter
Item Price Done
cambrinth war mammoths - (50 stones) 10,900   
cambrinth anvils - (45 stones) 10,800   
cambrinth walruses - (40 stones) 10,700   
cambrinth chocolate cakes - (35 stones) 10,600   
cambrinth pumpkins - (30 stones) 10,500   
cambrinth brandy snifters - (25 stones) 10,400   
cambrinth acorn squashes - (20 stones) 10,300   
cambrinth bumblebees - (15 stones) 10,200   
cambrinth toads - (10 stones) 10,100   
cambrinth frogs - (5 stones) 10,000   
These juggling items each hold 12 mana.
On the silver rack
Item Price Done
large cambrinth blob 450,000   
cambrinth lump 62,500   
cambrinth chrysalis 31,250   
cambrinth tadpole on a thin gold chain 25,000   No
Note: blobs turn into planets, lumps into animals/random things, and chrysalis into butterflies
On the white shelf
Item Price Done
plump cambrinth cowbird 112,500   
sleek cambrinth goose 112,500   
graceful cambrinth swan 112,500   
snowy cambrinth owl 112,500   
placid cambrinth duck 112,500   
startled cambrinth chicken 112,500   
On the blue stand
Item Price Done
cambrinth-handled footbrush 20,000   
On the red stand
Item Price Done
cambrinth-handled brush 15,000   
cambrinth-handled razor 15,000   
cambrinth-handled clippers 15,000   
On the green stand
Item Price Done
cambrinth-framed spectacles 30,000