Finer Things (1)

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The Finer Things
Event Chris' Mass Festival 389
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Finer Things, Front Room]
Within the walls of this caravan are hung drapes of silk and velvet. Carved ebonwood chests and dark polished shelves offer choice items to browse or to buy. You also see a velvet-covered box with some stuff on it, a gilded rack with some stuff on it, and a wood door.
Obvious exits: none.

In the Ebonwood Chest
Item Price Done
low-cut gown of silk and gossamer tied with a thin band of gold 43,750   
ornate gown of rich burgundy brocade cinched up tightly with black ribbon 43,750   
off-the-shoulder gown of pale golden velvet trimmed in white ermine 37,500   
deep blue dress bound at the hips with braided bands of red silk 9,375   No
On the Polished Shelf
Item Price Done
flowing white pirate shirt with black embroidery along the cuffs 43,750   
deep black pirate shirt clasped at the throat with a large blood ruby pendant 56,250   
low-cut cotton blouse accented with black ribbons 1,875   
pair of ebony pants wrapped around the hips with a tightly woven belt of spidersilk 50,000   
pair of fitted leather pants in shades of grey and blue belted with strands of silvery silk 25,000   
On the Velvet-Covered Box
Item Price Done
polished black shoes clasped with a sterling silver rose 12,500   No
maroon leather boots with a slight heel 6,250   
red velvet dancing slippers with black tassels 12,500   
On the Gilded Rack
Item Price Done
flowing silk robe in shades of blue belted with a strand of silver chain 81,250   No
enveloping cloak of midnight black velvet with a skull-shaped clasp 137,500   !!
emerald green robe woven from strands of firesilk clasped with an onyx rose 137,500   
deep sea blue mantle trimmed with braided suede cording 25,000