Whimsical Winds (1)

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Whimsical Winds
Event Chris' Mass Festival 389, Chris' Mass Festival 396
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Music shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Whimsical Winds]
Polished maple walls hold the faint scent of beeswax. A rich tapestry hanging nearby displays the image of a young green-eyed man playing a sackbut while gazing up to a laughing dark-haired girl who stands on a balcony. You also see a door, a gleaming silverwood stand with some stuff on it, a long ebonwood counter with some stuff on it, and a golden oak shelf with some stuff on it.

On the silverwood stand
Item Price Done
buff maple bassoon painted with a bullfrog at the bell 12,656   !!
black maple bassoon with red-orange painted flames 12,656   !!
pale maple bassoon with clusters of roses painted around the bell 12,656   !!
polished maple bassoon gilded with spiraling wrens 20,437   !!
dark maple bassoon with silver fittings 9,637   !!
white maple bassoon with gold fittings 20,437   !!
maple bassoon 5,625   !!
On the ebonwood counter
Item Price Done
walnut serpent 6,600   !!
dark walnut serpent fitted with crimson leather 9,700   !!
white walnut serpent with tiny golden painted flowers 12,850   !!
black walnut serpent fitted with soft bardic blue leather 9,700   !!
polished walnut serpent painted with a labyrinthine grey pattern 12,850   !!
dark walnut serpent painted with blossoming jasmine 12,850   !!
pale walnut serpent fitted with dark leather 9,700   !!
On the oak shelf
Item Price Done
brass sackbut with soaring wrens etched along the slide 30,000   !!
dull brass sackbut stamped with a geometric design 30,000   !!
highly polished brass sackbut 30,000   !!
bright brass sackbut lightly etched with a floral motif 30,000   !!
darkened brass sackbut with stars etched along the slide 45,000   !!
polished brass sackbut with birds etched around the bell 45,000   !!
brass sackbut 45,000   !!