Twilight Treasures

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Twilight Treasures
Festival Chris' Mass Festival 389
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Twilight Treasures]
Rough hewn wooden slabs form this small stall, barely allowing room for both merchandise and customers. Ragged rugs lay on the floor in a poor attempt at decoration, their faint floral designs barely visible in the low light from candles placed around the room. You also see an overflowing wooden crate, a rough woven basket, a crowded longcoat stand with some stuff on it, and a loose board.
Obvious exits: none.

In the wooden crate
Item Price Done
darkly-hued skirt formed of uneven layers of raw silk 5,000   No
swirling jewel-toned skirt edged with shiny gold coins 5,625   
dowdy grey wool skirt with badly fraying hems 1,250   
In the woven basket
Item Price Done
bright blue fuzzy sharks with pointy leather teeth 781   
coiled ebonwood vipers with glittering garnet eyes 2,500   
plush goshawk chicks with long grey feathers 625   
carved bloodwood centaurs with tiny onyx hooves 2,500   
scraggly-feathered vultures with long carved beaks 750   
plush heron chicks with dangling felt legs 762   
beady-eyed stuffed weasels with furry tails 300   
fuzzy brown shrews with long leather tails 375   
brightly-scaled cobras with tiny leather hoods 812   
darkly-scaled adders with pink felt tongues 875   No
plush brown shrikes with tiny beaks 750   
plush black panthers with green button eyes 750   
A small note reads:
~ All of the juggling items have different weights. No refunds! ~
On the longcoat stand
Item Price Done
deeply hooded longcoat of rich plum nightsilk 50,000   
deeply-hooded grey cashmere longcoat trimmed with black leather 31,250   !!
deeply-hooded black snakeskin longcoat 37,500   
deeply-hooded nightsilk longcoat embroidered with climbing belladonna 50,000   !!
sage-green suede hooded longcoat clasped with large golden buttons 25,000   
deeply-hooded twilight blue silk longcoat edged with embroidered nightshade 50,000   
moonlight-hued hooded silk longcoat embroidered with climbing foxglove 50,000   
deeply-hooded camouflage longcoat of dark blues and greys 25,000   !!
hooded night-black wool longcoat lined with sable fur 25,000