Makeshift Killing Supplies

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Makeshift Killing Supplies
Event Chris' Mass Festival 389, Chris' Mass Festival 396
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Makeshift Killing Supplies]
Crafted of rough wooden boards cobbled together with rusted nails, this wagon looks as though it's ready to fall apart. Wares are displayed in the center of the room, where they are slightly less likely to be attacked by the termites that infest the mobile shop. You also see a crooked door, a three-legged table with some stuff on it, a short rack with some stuff on it, and a tottering workbench with some stuff on it.

On the three-legged table
Item Price Done
snapped pole with a tattered flag hanging from the end - (QS) 1125   !!!!
mahogany pole with a scimitar tied to one end - (Hal) 5625   !!!!
sturdy oak folding chair - (2HB) 4062   
wooden plank with several sharp nails driven through the top - (MB) 47   !!!!
termite-ridden fence post - (QS) 500   !!!!
On the short rack
Item Price Done
rough suede knee wraps affixed with sharpened peccary tusks - (Brawl) 1000   
black leather elbow wraps affixed with dagger blades 900   
jagged rock crystal knuckleguards 8325   
linen handwraps coated in resin and glass shards 675   
On the tottering workbench
Item Price Done
rusted prison bar - (QS) 843   
marble statue arm - (2HB) 4062   !!!!
stylus with a sharpened point - (LE) 1500   !!!!
tied sock full of stones - (LT/LB) 937   
tied canvas sack filled with doorknobs - (HT/HB) 1250   
shard of glass wrapped in dirty rags - (LE) 312   
serving platter honed to a razor edge - (LT/LE) 2500   !!
wooden hairbrush with a viciously sharpened handle - (LE) 2000   !!!!