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Empath thumb.jpgEmpathGuild
Guardian Spirit Cyclic spell
Abbreviation: GS
Prerequisites: Circle 20, Innocence, and Compel or Paralysis
Slot Cost: 2
Mana Type: Life Magic
Spell Type: cyclic / utility
Difficulty: advanced
Prep (min/max): 5 / 25
Skill Range (min/max): 250 / 1000
Valid Spell Target: Special
Duration (min/max): Indefinite
Pulse Timing: 10 seconds
Description: The Guardian Spirit spell summons a warrior of the Fae -- an alfar -- to keep you safe from hostility and be your champion in combat. In some ways, the creature mirrors the caster, as Empaths with greater skill at targeting magic summon more powerful warriors. This spell requires constant upkeep and vigilance on the part of the caster. An Empath who fails to maintain the pattern will lose his hold on this creature of Fae, and it will abandon him to return whence it came.

[Can be cast CUSTOM if you wish to establish a special relationship with a specific Fae or simply CAST to get a random alfar.]

While this spell is available to Empaths 20th circle and above, the majority will find that they must be magical adepts before they can successfully form the pattern.

Effect: summons combat "pet"
Example Messaging: Your heart skips a beat as your spell sends a subtle jingling call outward from you in all directions.


  • Strength varies with the amount of mana used per cyclic pulse (what you prep the spell at). The warrior's defensive skills can be between 110-125% Empath's TM and its offense 95-105%.
  • Looking at or describing a warrior will tell you who summoned it.
  • Prior to 3.0 there were several types of fae that could be summoned (avengers, colepexies, dirnels, guardians, narmobreths, and woodwisps). However, only warriors can be summoned now.
  • Casting the spell normally will summon a random warrior. (See below for a list of possibilities.) When using CAST CUSTOM, the Empath will summon the same warrior every time. The IC justification for this is that the Empath has established a special relationship with a particular warrior.
  • This spell can be cast while under 100% shock. If cast before the complete insensitivity is reached, the spell can be maintained. As with other empathy-dependent spells, shock increases the difficulty of casting Guardian Spirit.
  • It is possible to give "mundane" (non-verby, non-gore, non-swappable) one-handed edged weapons (light, medium, or heavy) to a warrior. A common reason for doing this is to give the warrior a blessed weapon for hunting the undead.
    • Similar to necromancer pets, any precious weapons should not be given to a warrior. Item loss may occur due to the dropping of the weapon when the warrior despawns or is killed.
    • A bonded weapon cannot be held by a warrior.
  • It is highly recommended that Empaths learn the magical feat of Raw Channeling (allows the powering of cyclic spells from raw attunement) and Efficient Channeling (mana cost of channeling cyclic spells is reduced). These feats are recommended for anyone who routinely uses cyclic spells.
  • Guardian Spirit does train the Targeted Magic skill. However, the creature being fought must be of appropriate level to otherwise teach the Empath TM. TM will not go up out of combat. TM will train a small amount with each hit, and a larger amount if the warrior kills creatures or uses special attacks (throwing star).
  • Guardian Spirit now leave bodies or drop ammo and lodged items, whereas as in 2.0 any lodged items could disappear with them.
  • Having a Guardian Spirit set to aggressive behavior will cause it to attack any creature in the room, including other warriors. For this reason, it is better to use defensive or passive in crowded areas or in town. (Note that attacking another player's summoned or owned creature may grant them consent on you.)
  • Successfully cast with 150 utility, +20 buff from SAP, +30 PM buff from link, and a level 1 astrolabe (+1 luck).
  • Successfully cast with 182 utility and utility mastery spell feat. Had two failures then succeeded.



Alfar may be commanded to tell you about their NAME, to change their STANCE or BEHAVIOR, to ATTACK, ATTACK STOP, or to TAUNT your enemies to make them attack it instead of you. The alfar may be asked to TAUNT generally (it will try to attract everything that is attacking you), or told to taunt a specific target (TAUNT [TARGET]). You may also command the alfar to RELEASE or LEAVE, to DROP (their weapon) to or TAKE a one-handed edged weapon from your left hand.

  • Stances control your alfar's combat capabilities.
  • Behaviors control what enemies your creature will attack. A warrior in a passive stance will not attack anyone or anything (by default they are summoned in PASSIVE).



Some of the RP verbs have an "Easter Egg" version where they do something other than what is listed here. These have a very small chance of occurring on any use of the verbs that have the "Easter Eggs".
  • DANCE: A sedate alfar warrior frees its hands for a moment, grasping yours with the tips of its long, slender fingers. Nodding solemnly at you, the sedate alfar warrior takes you through a few sedate turns of a stately waltz. The warrior smiles gravely, then bows over your hand, taking up a guard position at your side once more.
  • BOW: The sedate alfar warrior gravely returns your gesture with a respectful bow of equal depth.
  • CURTSY: The sedate alfar warrior gravely returns your gesture with a respectful bow of equal depth.
  • DESCRIBE (third parties see who summoned it): An athletic alfar warrior is tall and fair of face, with clear eyes and white skin that gleams like ceramic. Its features are all sharp angles, with oblique cat-slitted eyes that survey its surroundings with an untouchable serenity. Its pointed ears sweep upward, accentuating the eagle-like hauteur of its mien. Its lips are tinted blue, the color of a bruise, and are set in a grim line. Flat black clasps gather its colorless hair, binding it into a severe, warlike queue that brushes its waist. Thin and attenuated, though with a wiry strength, this warrior of the alfar is not obviously male or female.
The warrior hovers near you protectively, smiling briefly at you when it notices you looking its way.
  • HUG: The warrior returns your hug gingerly, being careful not to hurt you with its weapons or armor.
  • KISS: As you move toward a sedate alfar warrior, it gathers you close, crushing you uncomfortably against its lacquered armor. It grins at you fiercely, then taking your hands firmly, dips you low to the ground and hoists you high into the air in an exhilarating whirling lift. The world spins around you, then it lowers you carefully to the ground, adjusting its armor nonchalantly as if nothing had happened.
  • SMOOCH: As you move toward a sedate alfar warrior, it gravely takes you by the hand and leads you through a few turns of a delicate minuet. As you dance, the air seems to grow crisper around you, with a sharp, cool scent of autumn. The warrior smiles at you as it releases your hand, the tips of its ears coloring slightly.
  • TOUCH: You reach out and lay your hand on the graceful alfar warrior's arm.
You sense a successful empathic link has been forged between you and a graceful alfar warrior.
You feel the burning fire of pain and suffering slowly building as you begin to draw out the truth of the warrior's injuries.
The creature's life force is alien to you. Though you can empathize with a graceful alfar warrior in a sense, peculiar sensations begin to overwhelm you and you feel your control of the empathic link slip away.
It is not possible to heal a warrior via empathy.


The quality of equipment is determined by the caster's skill (which seems to be purely Targeted Magic) and the amount of mana channeled into the spell. Here are some possibilities:




Armor Type Effective TM Requirement*
lacquered black leathers light armor minimum casting skill
lacquered black chainmail chain armor 300 ranks
lacquered black light plate brigandine 500 ranks
lacquered black heavy plate plate armor 600 ranks

*Effective TM means your spell stance and spell mana will influence your results.

List of Possible Warriors

Casting the spell normally will summon a random warrior. According to GM Melete, the names and adjectives go together. (They are not chosen independently.)

Name Adjective Notes
Al gracile
Amyigi ethereal
Apreekdin tall
Arnalde lean
Arturae slim
Blink graceful
Bluemoon trim
Cordy alert
Dillka serene
Fred delicate
Furle trim
Grimley slender
Hornet stoic
Igley athletic
Kar lithe
Lecibre, Anthari lissome
Paloorna solemn
Rolth sedate
Soone tranquil
Yovzaz wiry
ZerraZap svelte
Genvi imposing only gets chosen if an error happens
Ashpool savage from Drathrok's Duskruin 421
Cayce savage from Drathrok's Duskruin 421
Ell-Lee savage from Drathrok's Duskruin 421
Kolodny savage from Drathrok's Duskruin 421
Rivett savage from Drathrok's Duskruin 421
Steppen savage from Drathrok's Duskruin 421

Altered Warriors

The following Empaths have established special relationships with these warriors (aka, they have custom altered descriptions). Guidelines for altering your warrior can be found here.

Empath's Name Warrior's Name Appearance
Dianelle Bannin imposing alfar warrior with a stern countenance
Kaelie Cathaoir athletic alfar warrior with an aloof gaze
Morvetan Lucifer imposing alfar warrior with a tenebrous aura
Sarkranis Muffet spindly alfar warrior with tenebrous eyes
Zamara R'lyeh macabre alfar warrior with fierce crimson eyes
Rebecka Hiro majestic alfar warrior with strange sparkling patterns covering its skin

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