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Cote Rudel
Status Active
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime

Cote Rudel (formerly Adh'mor)

Race: Prydaen

Guild: Empath

Title Blood Warrior

Deity: Eylhaar

Relationship Status: Married to Morkim D'Morez

Physical Description

Cote has a round face, cat-slitted violet eyes and a small nose. Her dark brown mane is long and curly, and is worn in a simple, pulled-back style held in place by a leafy satin vine twined with clusters of night blooming jasmine. She has glittered sandy fur, a slender tail and an athletic figure. She is short for a Prydaen. Her facial fur is decorated with wispy tendrils of silversteel wire dotted with pale green svelae, creating fern-like arabesques that curl around her left eye before ending in a bevy of small spirals on her cheekbone. Her left hip has a tattoo of an intricate weeping willow tinged in verdant hues along its sweeping branches.

Wearing: Cote is wearing a black raven feather, a mottled bronze eyebrow ring with tiny dangling copper leaves, a pair of jade earrings carved into ivy leaves, a chased silver knotwork torque terminated with lapis lazuli spheres, a simple silken cord dangling a faded gold ring, a floor length black spidersilk cloak stenciled with falling leaves, a triangular platinum disc etched with a knotwork of vine-like sigils, well-worn black hunter's satchel clasped with an engraved platinum star, a black leather backpack trimmed with deep ebon fur, a snug emerald faille bandeau wrapped around the chest, a glistening white gold armband, a hollow glass armband filled with glittering sand, a rough vela'tohr flower bracelet, a stiffly coiled wormwood vine forearm wrap, an ornate darkstone ring, a double-wrapped leather sword belt tooled with wandering rose vines, a blue gold repair case embossed with the image of the Sunfell Hub, a lion tamer's glitvire-handled whip with a darkly glittering diamond-hide lash, a tail knife etched with tiny berries, a braided green jade tailband banded with black jasper, a russet suede split skirt with leaf embroidery, a sun-streaked braided leather thigh quiver secured with spidersilk lacing, and a polished black leather garter secured with a shining silver buckle.

History and Personality

  • Cote was raised by her parents outside of Muspar'i, who wanted her to learn the ways of the world while still learning enough of the Prydaen culture to be proud of her past.
  • Her best friend, a Halfling boy named Genrill, and her wrought mischief within and without the walls of Muspar'i. At 16, however, they wandered too far into Gam Chaga territory, and Cote watched, helpless, as Genrill was killed by one of the beasties.
  • Cote determined after this to learn how to take care of herself and others. She traveled south with a band of gypsies, and found herself in Crossings.
  • After much thought, she joined the Empaths' Guild. She has worked since to be self-sufficient as well as present for healing...most everyone in need.
  • She is impulsive, impatient, and very careful about who she cares about. But she is also extremely loyal, fun-loving, and determined. Hopefully that evens things out.
  • She was married to Derhael, most notably, and has kept that bond throughout the years since he's been gone. This does not keep her from having fun, of course, but she's not sure she wants a true relationship again. (Spoiler alert: she found a good one to win her over.)
  • Her Prydaen roots have led her down the path of Battle Empathing, though she had to trade fresh blood for piles of rubble. Ah, compromise.

I am no one to know what love is, but passion...passion is a friend to me in the darkest of times.