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Status Active
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime
Relatives Court of Nytfrost

Princess.pngFrost Princess Nemy Nytfrost, Diplomat of Eylhaar, a Prydaen.
She has an angular face, sullenly glowing cat-slitted icy blue eyes and a frostflare opal stud precariously balanced atop the diverging fractals of frosted icesteel that curve around a small nose. Her snow-white-streaked deep blue mane is short and straight, and is worn braided in an intricate arrangement of twisted loops, all held in place by an icesteel tiara flaunting a frostflare opal in a splash of ice sapphire shards. She has blue-grey fur with white rosettes, a simple tailband made from silvery wirework forget-me-nots looped around a slender tail and a slender figure.

She is tiny for a Prydaen.
Some icy-white geshi pearls accented by winter opals float lazily around her neck, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her fur.
She has a mesmerizing tracery of glittering ice sapphires sweeping across one side of her face.
She has a tattoo of a cascade of sea-blue water on her cheekbone.


a diamond-hide shield flaunting a frostflare opal and frosted icesteel fractals
A frostflare opal balances precariously in the upper left. From the snowflake-patterned gem, shards of icesteel spread in fractal patterns over the hide, bursting diagonally from the shield in jagged frost-blue shards. The icy hues of the transparent metal distort the sparkles from the glittery hide, creating a frosted appearance. Tiny frost, snow, and winter opals line the edges of the shield. Smaller fractals spread out from the gems until they intersect the larger flare of metallic frost.

an icesteel tiara flaunting a frostflare opal in a splash of ice sapphire shards
Meticulously placed slivers of lightly frosted icesteel spread from the snowflake-patterned gem in a semicircle like cracking ice, securing in the wearer's hair with tiny hairpins. Splinters of ice sapphire surround the frostflare opal, bursting outward as if the opal had been dropped into a glacial-blue waterfall. Tiny snow opals are strewn about the band like a spray of droplets, whisper-thin curls of icy metal clinging to them as if winter's frost claimed them the moment they landed.

a frostflare opal studded icesteel hoop
Meticulously placed shards of lightly frosted icesteel radiate from the snowflaked gem like cracking ice. The transparent metal is designed to travel up the side and creep slightly over the top of the wearer's nose for a secure fit.

a dramatic icesteel chair crowned with a frostflare opal amid ice sapphires
Extending to jagged frost-blue shards, icesteel spreads in fractal patterns over the chair frame accentuating the plush frost-opal icesilk cushion. Atop the throne, splinters of ice sapphire surround the frostflare opal, bursting outward as if the snowflake-patterned gem had been dropped into a glacial-blue waterfall. Tiny snow opals are strewn about the band like a spray of droplets, whisper-thin curls of icy metal clinging to them as if winter's frost claimed them the moment they landed.

a sublimating eddy of frost-hued light caged in icesteel and ice sapphire icicles
The soft mist of light drifts within the frame like a warm breath on winter's wind. Crystallizing patterns of icesteel bind the delicate ice sapphires that protrude downward in icicle shapes.

Title: Frost Princess


NilakadiFull.png a tenacious alfar warrior with dramatic icesteel piercings
An alfar warrior has ominous powder-grey eyes. Its features are all sharp angles, with lavish icesteel accents adding harsh angles to its vestigial wings. Crystalline studs adorn the eyebrows and nose, the icy metal highlighting its white skin that gleams like fresh snow. Icesteel spreads in fractal patterns through a multitude of piercings flaring off the top and bottom of its pointed ears. Frosted metal twines through its hair, binding the locks into a warlike, yet regal twist of braids.

Court of Nytfrost

Name Rank Title
Nemy Frost Princess Princess
Telamont Court Advisor Moonster
Sothios Personal Guard Escort
Tiakim Master of Ensemble Debonair Tia
Kaelie Court Physician Kaelie
Exoduss Shield Master Frostadin
Medikaus Toy Master Piper
Cythra THE Head of Snarky Diplomacy Lady of Snark
Almarius Cupcake Connoisseur Alma / Cupcake
Emryn Tender of Devotion TBD
Oogamooga Prince in Training Oogie
Glorgg Glorious Gardner Glorgg
Ezustrea Travel Guide EzTravel
Jaelia Community Spirit Mom Spirit Mom
Illiahanna Mixologist Fairy Mixologist/Fairy Godmother
Redacted Unknown Jack of all Blades
Kernen Hunting Tactics Advisor Kernal Kernen
Malchazador Outreach Coordinator Malch
Grayshuss Welcome Director Gray
Xionara Treasure Seeker Treasure Seeker
Kolja Truth Speaker Kolja
Amailia Story Hunter Amailia
Zaryna Court Advisor's Assistant Moonstress
Ekchuah Forging Technician Frosthammer
Selasious Court Trademaster Shopaholic
Tankata Lord Knight Tank
Tankata Junior Boar Knight Tank Junior
Taurture Tart Taster Tarts
Zynell Soul Surgeon Freebie
Ninatta Court Bardess Frostingale
Shekma Internals Inspector Killer
Oighrig Shield Maiden Huntress
Ponni Tactical Advisor The Cute Twin
Darkewolff Empath Novice Empath in Training

Formation of the Court

Come to find out, being a Princess is hard work. The Frost Princess had never been one before so she started asking one of her more informed friends if certain things were “princessly”. She requested another friend escort her through the Crossing streets safely as she had read that Princesses were often the target of nefarious deeds. With their support, she started to settle into her princessly duties, gauging where and when her attentions were most needed.

Relaxing in the Empath Courtyard, a conversation started up about Princesses needing a royal court. Much laughing and various theories were tossed around until they all realized she had the basics of a court forming. Her Court Advisor would continue to ensure that her affairs were maintained in a princessly manner, her Personal Guard would continue to walk with her as needed, and her new Shield Maiden would continue working on her hunting skills.

Thus the Court of Nytfrost was formed.

The Journey to Frost Princess

Nemy arrived in Crossing from the colder region near the Frozen Heavens just South of Leth. She admired all of the adventurers running around and fending off various creatures. So she tried it. Nemy found herself in the shipyard surrounded by rats. She fended them off as best she could, but without proper training she mostly flailed wildly. As she left the rats, closing the gate behind her, she looked at her scratches and the blood welling up in the gash across her leg.

Battered and bloody she limped her way through the streets, annoyed that she was unable to mend the wounds herself. The chill from her skirt and will to maintain her composure had her walking into the Empath Garden with her head held high. Ignoring the offers of mending, she marched into Sal’s office and demanded that her talents for injury and perseverance be added to the guild roster.

Not wanting to forgo her desire to hunt, Nemy darted back and forth between constructs and the patients waiting in Empath, managing to scrounge up enough plat for a tiara. She had made some progress in her training by the time the festivities started. The Merelew were arriving with their wares and culture. Nemy shopped until she dropped. Presents for friends, all the winter themed items that went with her fur, and even had a design done.

Nemy came into the alteration room to prepare for another chance at a design. Some commotion was going on and one of the Merelew diplomats had been poisoned. No one seemed to take note of the political ramifications and potential war that could ensue if the diplomat died from one of the mainlanders. She asked the diplomat if they wished to be cured. Upon receiving an enthusiastic agreement and nod, Nemy took the poison.

Knowing she did not have the skills necessary to remove the poison from her system, Nemy politely excused herself and made a mad dash for Sal’s office. He had said he could teach her the methods and there was no time like the present. She had entered the island from the Leth side of the river and had to wait impatiently for a ferry, healing what hurts she could find from the poison. The journey felt like an eternity, waiting for death or skill, neither in a rush to find her.

Her fur matting to her skin in sickly sweat, she dove into Sal’s office for training. He muttered the method to the madness to her and she stepped outside to start the flush poison process. Time ticking, her vitality dropping, the sweat turning to chill, she concentrated on the motions she just learned. She held her breath as she completed the motions. Nothing. She waited, fretting that Sal had steered her wrong. The chill subsided, her fur began to dry, the weariness was only from the running, and her breathing returned to normal.

Another once over and smoothing out her skirt, she adjusted her tiara like nothing had happened. Nemy skipped to the docks and summoned her dolphin, walking back into the alteration room like she had not nearly died saving the diplomatic relations of nations.

In light of her valor, a title was designed just for her. As befitting her aesthetic and her knack for diplomatic relations, Nemy adjusted her icesteel tiara as she became Frost Princess Nemy.