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Although multiple definitions exist for the Fae, probably the most auspicious one under the light of modern research would be: "Entities from or linked to a plane other than the Plane of Abiding which are created by, but not necessarily servants to, the gods." Members of the Fae are rarely called 'demons' by some texts, though true demons are not connected to the gods. The Faerie (sprites, dryads, nyads and alfar) -- created by Faenella -- are beautiful (but mischievous) tiny folk who inhabit some parts of Elanthia. Similar to Elves in shape and figure, the Faerie rarely exceed one foot but come in a variety of shapes and colors. The most sinister of the Fae are those connected to the dark gods. While all the Fae are mischievous, those connected to neutral and light gods can also do good, but the presence of a dark fae can only mean ill.

Types of Fae

  • Sprite: While most sprites are the tiniest of the fae and known for their love of wine and sweets, the variety of sprite most likely to be encountered by adventurers are usually larger "outcasts" from the Fae community that tend to be bent on destruction.
  • Alfar: The Alfar most often seen by adventurers are usually used as the archetypal depiction of "good" Fae, and are sometimes referred to as angels or depicted as Human-like creatures with feathered wings in contrast to their actual appearance.
  • Nyad: Spirits of the water whose appearance reflects the health of their home waters.
  • Dryads: Spirits of the trees whose appearance reflects the health of their home forest.
  • Will o' Wisps: Mysterious creatures that manifest as small balls of glowing light that float on air.
  • Leprechauns: Kertigen's favorite workers who zealously guard his treasure hordes.
  • Welkin: Created by Faenella but favorite servants of Divyaush, who often sends them to help a craftsmen in need.
  • Gremlin: Favored pets of Zachriedek that he sends to plague craftsmen. They are rarely seen unless summoned by Clerics to do certain menial tasks.
  • Spriggan: Also known as Changelings, these creatures of Idon ruin crops and steal babies and replace them with their own hideous children.
  • Boggles: Created by Idon, they are known for their malicious and often lethal practical jokes.
  • Frostweavers: Idon cursed a beautiful woman who scorned his advances to be the first frostweaver as punishment for her coldheartedness.
  • Faenrae: Creations of Huldah who reflect his affinity for magical lightning storms, they fall under the classification of Fae due to their ethereal and other-worldly nature.
  • Banesidhes: Asketi's servants who spread her North Wind and lead her armies on their annual Ride.

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These materials have a cultural connection or history that originates with Fae.

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