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Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives None

Shanador Spiritweaver, Death Dealer of Elanthia, an Elven Warrior Mage.


You have pointed ears and silver eyes. Your white hair is long and straight, and is worn arranged in an intricate Elven braid. You have tanned skin.

You are an adult.

You have a narrow mustache and a thin beard styled into a sharp point. Suspended from the mustache and beard by wispy tendrils of glistening spidersilk are tiny onyx spiders displaying carmine hourglass markings on their night black abdomens.


  • PRESENT - Currently claims allegiance to no province, although his activities suggest an Ilithic affiliation likely in the near future.
  • 336d, 423y AVL - Weary of paying tax to a province he hadn't visited in decades (not once since becoming a citizen) and motivated by a growing attachment to Ilithi, Shanador once again made the arduous trek to Mer'Kresh and denounced his citizenship.
  • UNKNOWN DATE - In a time long since past, when juggling was all the rage, Shanador, having heard tale of unique juggling items available on a far off settlement in the Qi'Reshalia province, made his first seafaring voyage away from the mainland. After a long island hoping, mountain climbing, maze navigating journey to the island of M'Riss he found his way to the city of Mer'Kresh and eventually into Trintah's Herbal Remedies. Unfortunately, he was denied access to those items he sought. Apparently, they were not for sale to tourists. Not wishing to have traveled so far for so long for naught and having heard that M'Riss's citizens also had access to a more direct transport to and from the mainland (the Degan), Shanador promptly visited the town hall and registered as a citizen of M'Riss.