Item:Ornate platinum brooch set with an orichalcum icosahedron

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ornate platinum brooch set with an orichalcum icosahedron
Look: You see nothing unusual.
Weight: 2 stones
Appraised Cost: 0 Kronars
0 Lirums
0 Dokoras
0 LTBpoints
0 Tickets
0 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is worn in a generic slot.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Given to everyone present at the transition to DragonRealms 3.0


  • Can be ROLLed and SHAKEn for various messaging.
  • An icosahedron is a figure with 20 identical equilateral triangular faces, 30 edges and 12 vertices. Commonly known to many DR gamers due to the tabletop RP game [Dungeons and Dragons] having 20 sided dice.

  • ROLLing generates one of twenty different symbols from the sides of the icosahedron:
  • Red Dragon
  • Scowling Sky Giant
  • Fanciful Mermaid
  • Phofe Flower
  • Glistening Spider
  • Emblazoned Shield
  • Golden Sword
  • Cabochon Ruby
  • Horned Owl
  • Bonfire
  • Pair of Lovers
  • Teacup and Saucer
  • Pair of Daggers
  • Hammerhead Shark
  • Knightly Steed
  • Chipped Crown
  • Pink Armadillo
  • Trio of Orchids
  • Speckled Yeehar
  • Howling Wolf

  • After you SHAKE it, the icosahedron is charged and can be ROLLed to generate an image from previous events in the history of the game of Dragonrealms. The images likely correspond with the symbols, but this has not been worked out for all of the images.

  • Natashya Dalterein's profile appears, shifting from assassin to noble lady before disappearing with a *snap*. Her form is quickly replaced by the image of Gallows Tree in Kaerna, appearing with a charred and blackened body hanging from it.
  • The solid and sturdy Great Barrier of the West stands tall. A shockwave hits it from within. The barrier shudders and splinters under the pressure, issuing forth a torrent of undead from a gaping hole.
  • The massive and majestic red-scaled form of the dragon Ael'Tharaxus stands looming amongst a delegation of onlookers. He begins speaking to Ferdahl Aemmin of Shard.
  • An icosahedron, much like this one, disappears in a flash of blinding light as hundreds of tiny figures instantly drop to the ground, unconscious or worse.
  • Baron Gyfford Theren stands tall, announcing he has taken Outcast King Raenilar's sister Macja as his wife and Baroness.
  • The tiny form of Annael Ebeshalek leaves the Crossing Empath guild as a group of Empaths sit dejectedly outside of the building. One prone body appears to be in the throes of being run over by a passing Trader's caravan.
  • A sullen and sturdy troop of Dwarves travels from the Himeneldar Shel mountains and into the plains of Ilithi.
  • The angry face of the former Dragon Priest Empress Hhrsaraa looks around with hatred. She spits on the ground with hatred, just as flames begin to engulf her form.
  • The benign face of Timothy the healer smiles as he enters a small cottage, away from the bustle of Crossing and the painful memories of Sicle Grove.
  • A huge crowd of various adventurers battles a force of Xala'shar, including all the Crossing Guildleaders fighting side by side.
  • High Priestess Tallis stands in her office at the Crossing Temple, making a formal declaration of war agains the Dragon Priest contingent.
  • The face and form of the necromancer Xerasyth slowly shifts, changing from Adan'f to S'Kra Mur before finally settling on Human.
  • Aemmin a'Emaylian is confirmed as Ferdahl, set against the backdrop of the Great Tower in Shard.
  • Prince Vorclaf Lasa'Sorvendig and Princess Arilana stand at the altar on the island of Andreshlew. Many people surround them, and the second Feast of Eluned can be seen in the background.
  • The blurred face of Zamidren Book is interposed over a set of shifting necromantic symbols.
  • The scowling face of Kalag the Black's Toggish countenance is gradually replaced by the reptilian stare of Varsyth's persona, Kalag the Sly.
  • The Elanthian sky is clearly visible with all its constellations. Then gradually, the winking stars begin to disappear, shuddering and falling in a fury of fiery red and orange streaks.
  • The Hounds of Rutilor quickly descend on a hapless necromancer with torches, pitchforks, and other various instruments of torture. Soon, the accused is engulfed in flames.
  • A troop of soldiers march in straight lines away from the crystal city of Shard. Their uniforms identify them as Outcasts.
  • A prone Human easily identified as the late Prince Vorclaf lays still beneath a wavering white-blue essence in the shape of wolf. Above him stands an enraged Human woman dressed in purple, the necromancer Lyras.