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Status: Alive
Race: Wood Troll
Gender: Female
Associates: Plokks

Ergripta is a contortionist who performs in Plokks’ Perspicacious Performing Panoply.


You see Contortionist Ergripta, a Wood Troll circus performer.
Ergripta has beady black eyes framed with long, curling pink lashes, thin lips highlighted by glittered pink lipstick and a long nose that protrudes from her face like a twisted root. Her short hair is leaf green tipped in bright fuchsia and sports long streamers of spiraling pink ribbon that bounce as she moves. She has bark-like skin covered haphazardly with patches of mossy grey fur and is of an athletic build.
She seems pretty tall even for a Wood Troll, but you really can't discern her potential age.

She is wearing a bright pink bodysuit covered in a swirling pattern of crystals.

Conquest for Pretties

Ergripta is a 'civilized' wood troll who enjoys the simple things in life -- pink, shiny stuff, handsome trapeze artists, getting her hair styled, lipstick, and twisting things into new shapes. She also REALLY likes the game ‘conquest’, which is played with a special wheel.

Sometimes when Ergripta plays conquest with others, she turns it into what she calls Conquest for Pretties.

A warped pink sign decorated with sparkling paint reads:

Conquest for Pretties!

1.  You give Ergripta a thing.  You pick thing.

2.  You spin wheel.  Ergripta spins wheel.  Bigger score wins!

3.  You win, Egripta makes the thing a little prettier.  You pick the pretty!

4.  Egripta wins, Egripta makes the thing *MUCH* prettier.  Egripta picks the pretty!

Conquest for Pretties OOC rules:

1) The player will give Ergripta one item of their choice.
2) The player will get a spin, and Ergripta will get a spin.
3) Whomever has the highest spin score wins.
4) If the other person beats Ergripta's score, she'll make their item 'prettier' (ie: will alter it in a 'just one thing' manner and the PC gets to pick what changes).
5) If the player does NOT beat her score, Ergripta will make their item MUCH 'prettier' -- by HER definition of pretty, which just happens to be pink, shiny, and twisty (ie: Multiple things will change and Ergripta gets to pick what changes).