Trintah's Herbal Remedies

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Trintah's Herbal Remedies
Province Qi'Reshalia
Justice Unknown
Town Mer'Kresh
Map Ranik's Map 107
Owner Trintah
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Drink shops, Food shops, Weapon shops, Shield shops, Herb shops, Miscellaneous shops, Tanning shops, Barbarian shops, Warrior Mage shops, Paladin shops, Cleric shops
Restrictions Citizen
This store only accepts Lirums

Front Salesroom

[Trintah's Herbal Remedies, Front Salesroom]
Twinkling sounds from a cowrie shell door chime hung above the entrance welcome visitors to this bustling shop. Display shelves lining a large window are packed with an assortment of curious bottles, jars, and boxes containing healing remedies collected from several provinces that have been arranged between a collection of potted plants. Small bundles of exotic herbs hang from the ceiling, thickening the air with their earthy perfume while partially concealing a set of stairs leading to the attic.
You also see a driftwood door.
Obvious exits: east, west.

Side Salesroom

[Trintah's Herbal Remedies, Side Salesroom]
Faded whitewashed walls, painted with images of healing regents, serve as advertising for some of the items sold here. An earthy, herbal scent wafts through the air, growing stronger near an iron cauldron hung above a copper brazier, which slowly simmers with one of Trintah's latest experiments. Flashes of color dash around the room like elusive pixies as light from bronze lanterns bounces off strings of colored sea glass, collected from local beaches and hung to create a decorative beaded curtain.
You also see a tall oak cabinet with wire-screened doors and some wicker baskets lined with colorfully striped linen.
Obvious exits: east.

In The Cabinet
Item Price Done
flask of aevaes solution 740   
clay pot of hisan salve 840   
vial of ithor potion 710   
phial of lujeakave elixir 870   
bottle of ojhenik potion 610   
clay pot of georin salve 670   
clay pot of nilos salve 640   
flask of hulij elixir 575   
vial of eghmok potion 720   
In The Wicker Baskets
Item Price Done
yelith root 700   
genich stem - missing in 2020 560   
nemoih root 650   
twisted cebi root 700   
junliar stem 725   
muljin sap 740   
sufil sap 670   
plovik leaf 610   
hulnik grass 635   
qun pollen 590   
riolur leaf 740   


[Trintah's Herbal Remedies, Salon]
Offered by the owner, this cozy salon may be a ploy to keep people spending coins in her shop. The smell of freshly baked bread mingled with medicinal liquors wafts from a sideboard against the wall, masking the odd scent permeating the building while encouraging customers to linger and socialize. Groupings of small tables, covered in colorful linens and surrounded by comfortable chairs, are strategically placed about the room to draw attention to a dolphin triskele mosaic set into the tiled floor.
Obvious exits: west.

On the white-lacquered sideboard
Item Price Done
pot of vanilla-spiced tea 0   
rattan basket of fresh figs 0   !!
woven basket filled with some crunchy fried peccary skins sprinkled with crushed sea salt 0   !!
tiered crystal tray of Elven chocolate truffles topped with miniature spun-sugar white roses 0   !!
glass decanter of scorpion blossom sherry 0   !!
glass carafe of cool cactus tea 0   !!
bowl of stone-fried cactus blossoms sprinkled with rock salt 0   !!
tray of dark chocolate celpeze-shaped cookies accented with caramel eyes 0   !!
round loaf of unleavened bread spread with creamy salted butter 0   !!
kettle of honey-herbal tea 0   !!
ceramic plate arranged with pieces of rustic tomato-herb flatbread 0   !!
silver urn filled with rich mocha coffee frothed with steamed milk 0   
silver platter of glazed esturi tarts sprinkled with crystalized sugar 0   !!
bunch of plump juicy grapes 0   !!
iced pitcher of rich chocolate milk 0   !!
aged bottle of aromatic dandelion wine 0   

Attic (climb stairs)

[Trintah's Herbal Remedies, Attic]
Welcoming citizens as they enter the club is a mahogany bar, stocked with a variety of complimentary libations to encourage a social mood. Thick, crimson carpets and heavy draperies help silence noise from the bustling city outside, their colors enhanced by the dim lighting emanating from a black iron chandelier hung from the paneled ceiling. Grouped around low, circular tables to invite conversation, overstuffed leather armchairs are placed to take advantage of the warmth a limestone fireplace provides. You also see some carpeted stairs.

In the Wooden Box
Item Price Done
bar of herbal delight soap 75   !!
bar of goat's milk soap 75   !!
bar of almond blossom soap 75   !!
bar of lavender spice soap 75   !!
bar of lemon souffle soap 100   !!
bar of rose petal soap 75   !!
bar of pig-sweat soap 50   !!
In the Glass Jar
Item Price Done
bar of chocolate-chunk soap 100   !!
bar of orange creme soap 100   !!
bar of cinnamon-rum soap 100   !!
bar of pine-sap soap 75   !!
bar of jasmine bouquet soap 100   !!
bar of honeyed-brandy soap 75   !!
bar of woodland spice soap 75   !!

Behind the Beaded Curtain (M'Riss citizen-only)

[Trintah's Herbal Remedies, Behind the Beaded Curtain]
Upon first glance, the curtain leads to a narrow hall that appears to be no more then a well-stocked closet. Rows of shelves line the walls, deceiving the eye, as it opens to a private room. Padded walls covered in red velvet combine with plush carpets to soundproof this area, making it perfect for clandestine meetings. Ornate racks hung behind elegant cases display items not available to the general public. Incense wafts from a round mahogany table, surrounded by chairs, at the center of the room.

Note: This area is citizen-only.

On the Shield Rack
Item Price Done
blackened steel shield roughly enameled with an image of the Rissan Barbarian Guild 28,500   !!
flame-shaped silver shield inlaid with gems to form an image of the Rissan Warrior Mage Guild 332,500   !!
small circular shield painted with a caracal poised to attack 3,800   !!
curved tower shield painted with the image of a slain Lun'Shele trekhalo 28,500   !!
steel-rimmed oval shield skillfully carved from aged cypress 7,600   !!
silver target shield inlaid with the image of an erupting volcano 475,000   !!
studded kite shield covered in finely tanned celpeze hide 28,500   !!
forged steel tower shield intricately etched with an image of the Rissan Paladin Guild 52,250   !!
gilded pageant shield artistically engraved with the image of a winged peccary 33,250   !!
small rectangular shield masterfully painted with an image of the Rissan Cleric guild 2,850   !!
In the Wooden Box
Item Price Done
flame-coral inlaid carving knife 2,000   !!!!
black-pearl inlaid carving knife 7,500   !!!!
razor-sharp silver carving knife 5,000   !!!!
floral-patterned carving knife 1,000   !!!!
black-coral inlaid carving knife 2,000   !!!!
caracal fang carving knife 2,500   !!!!
ornate whalebone carving knife 2,000   !!!!
jeweled carving knife 10,000   !!!!
fang-pearl inlaid carving knife 180,000   !!!!
slender golden carving knife 2,000   !!!!
On the black leather chest
Item Price Done
jagged pieces of flame coral 3,000   !!
large chunks of brain coral 8,000   !!
chipped granite celpeze 10,000   !!
carved obsidian caracals 8,000   !!
polished sea-glass spheres 1,000   !!
blackened shark's teeth 3,000   !!
whorled conch shells 2,000   !!
On the velvet-lined tray
Item Price Done
razored skinning knife with a slender gold handle 8,000   !!!!
flame-coral inlaid skinning knife 2,500   !!!!
black-coral inlaid skinning knife 2,500   !!!!
blackened shark's tooth skinning knife 2,000   !!!!
serrated skinning knife with a jeweled handle 10,000   !!!!
sea-glass inlaid skinning knife 2,000   !!!!
chipped shark's tooth skinning knife 2,000   !!!!
pink-coral inlaid skinning knife 2,500   !!!!
cowrie-shell inlaid skinning knife 2,500   !!!!
crude-shell skinning knife 1,700   !!!!
On the marble stand
Item Price Done
pink-coral inlaid hide scraper 950   
sharpened whalebone hide scraper 950   
rose-inlaid hide scraper 950   
shark's-tooth studded hide scraper 950   
black-pearl inlaid hide scraper 9,500   
bevel-edged silver hide scraper 3,040   !!
jewel-studded hide scraper 4,750   
flame-coral inlaid hide scraper 950   
slender-handled golden hide scraper 950   
On the mahogany table
Item Price Done
Elven pink champagne 0   No
Rissan Special Reserve brandy 0   No
Rissan Blush apples 0   No
herbed cheddar cheese 0   No
seeded honey-oatmeal flatbread 0   No

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