Pathway perceive

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Wm thumb.jpgWarrior Mage Guild
Requirements: ​6th Circle
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: pathway / summoning
Path: Aether
Description: This group of abilities allows you to use your Manipulative Resolve to detect unusual disturbances in the local aethereal pathways.
Effect: Detects active aethereal pathways in use nearby.
Messaging: You focus your senses outward, scanning the area for active aethereal pathways.

You sense aethereal streams being twisted about xxxxxx into the pattern of the Focus Pathway of Damage.
Roundtime: 1 sec.


The first, Perceive Pathway, is a token pathway offered to anyone at or above the required circle. It is an introductory pathway that will play a key role in future pathways.

  • PATHWAY PERCEIVE - list known perceive pathway options.
  • PATHWAY - Detects aethereal pathways in use nearby. (Aether)
  • NOTE Cannot be used with when a pathway is active.
  • Uses a very minor amount of elemental charge.
  • Only a single perceive option is currently available.