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Asketi's Ride occurs on the night of Shosandu, New Year's Day, when Asketi mounts her black unicorn and leads her minions to attack the city in Elanthia that venerated her the least during the previous year.

The Ride generally involves a GM-led invasion of Lesser North Wind Banshees, Giant Adders, Slender Ribbon Adders, Black Unicorns, Winged Black Marble Gargoyles, Asketian Heralds, Asketian Harbingers etc. at the beginning of an in-game year. The Rides have tailed off since the completion of the Valtusk event that saw him installed as her new herald, but one occurred in May of 2008. More recently, Asketi rode through Riverhaven and The Crossing on 0 Akroeg 438 (April 26, 2021).

Asketi's minions also terrorized Elanthia in the time leading up to Hollow Eve 406, even though it didn't correspond with Shosandu. Visions presaged invasions by slender ribbon adders vicious ribbon adders, Giant adders, baleful ice adders, stalwart Asketian heralds, wiry Asketian harbingers, deep blue ghasts, misty black zephyrs, skorik nadhars, and ragged wind hags and bony wind wretches astride hideous horned black steeds.

In Platinum, Asketi's Ride passed through Crossing on 11/13/2021.

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