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Updated Skill List · on 12/11/2010 02:45 PM CST 345
Alright, folks, here are the new skills. Some of the names may change, but the combinations are solid.

When two (or more) skills are combined, the new skill will use the highest ranks from then the set of combined skills. The remaining ranks will be converted into a 'bonus pool' for that skill's skillset. When you drain experience in a skill from that skillset, you'll also drain 'bonus' experience from the bonus pool (until the pool is empty). This essentially gives you bonus learning in a skillset where you lost ranks. It compounds with an RPA, too, so if you have bonus experience in your pool and a level 4 RPA going, you'll be sitting quite pretty.

Not all skills will be absorbed into the bonus pool at the same rate - there's some balancing voodoo that is still being worked out.

We will address the final solution for TDPs in a later post.

Finally, grandfathering will work as follows: All skills will be brought up to at-circle levels (after the new requirements have been chosen, obviously). This includes guild-only skills, etc. Some new skills (specifically, Defending and Missile/Melee Mastery) will have their ranks increased from the bonus pull from their skillset to be equal to the highest skill of the appropriate skillset. This means that if you have enough bonus bits, Defending will be equal to your highest armor (not including parry or evasion, to be clear), Melee Mastery equal to your highest melee skill, and Missile Mastery equal to your highest ranged skill. We will not be raising combined skills above their current levels, despite that being on the table before (except in circle requirement situations).

Without further adeiu, here is the list of skills:

Old Skills New Skill Description
Leather, Bone, and Cloth Light Armor
Light Chain, Heavy Chain Chain Armor
Light Plate Brigandine
Heavy Plate Plate Armor
New Skill! Defending Used for defensive abilities and as an overall bonus to armor. Augments all defensive checks if the ranks are higher, and used for any general-use defensive abilities.
Light Edged, Medium Edged Small Edged
Light Blunt, Medium Blunt Small Blunt
Slings, Staff Slings Slings
Short Bow, Long Bow, Composite Bow Bows
Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow Crossbows
Short Staff, Quarter Staff Staves
Pikes, Halberds Polearms
New Skill! Melee Mastery Similar to Defending except in the scope of melee weapons. Trains when you gain experience with a melee weapon, and is used for general-use weapon feats.
New Skill! Missile Mastery Same thing as Melee Mastery except with relation to missile weapons.
Power Perception, Harness Attunement
New Skill! Augmentation These skills are discussed more fully in the Magic 3.0 folders
New Skill! Debilitation
New Skill! Utility
New Skill! Warding
New Skill! Sorcery
Climbing, Swimming Athletics
Stalking, Hiding Stealth
Lockpicks, Disarm Locksmithing
Foraging, Animal Lore Outdoorsmanship
Stealing Thievery Renaming this broadens its application.
Scholarship, Teaching Scholarship
New Skill! Tactics Tactics is used for non-damaging and tactical moves in combat.
Vocals, Percussion, Winds, Strings Performing While having the instruments split up was nice, I think we can all agree that there are only very narrow applications for the particular instrument skills. While the new 'Performing' skill indicates that any performer is as good at one as he is the other, it also lets us have a good skill to check for other types of performance that were otherwise unclear.
New Skill! Engineering These are all from the Mech Split, which hopefully everybody's familiar with already. If you don't know, ask in the Lore folders.
New Skill! Outfitting
New Skill! Enchanting
New Skill! Blacksmithing
New Skill! Alchemy

Additionally, Escaping and Multi Opponent are going away. These skills will move their ranks into Tactics and Defending, respectively. However, their skill checks will be dispersed more generally, as the application of these skills has been anything but uniform (escaping to throw a grappling hook?). These will be tackled on a case-by-case basis.

Finally, every guild that does not currently have a guild-only skill will be receiving one. Additionally, all guild-only skills will learn at a primary rate. Finally, you will not be able to teach a guild-only skill to somebody of another guild, which has the unfortunate implication that you will lose all ranks in guild-only skills that aren't yours.

Here are the guild-only skills:

Guild Skill Description
War Mage Elementalism Facility with the elements - Affects familiar summoning, aether pathways, ect. The name is still up in the air but the concept is solid.
Cleric Theurgy Knowledge, familiarity, and connection with the divine. Grejuva can speak more about this at his leisure.
Paladin Endurance Basically, tanking ability. This makes poison less damaging, stuns less effective, etc. Basically, it keeps the paladin from dying in ways that are a bit more interesting than damage reduction. This skill will be very interesting to evolve.
Bards Bardic Lore Not technically a new skill altogether (Music Theory will roll into this), but this is essentially a supernatural connection with the historical, affecting Mojo-related abilities and Perc History, amongst other things. Raesh can go more into depth about what this means.
Barbarians Expertise This skill represents the ultimate combat mastery that barbs have. It will allow them to perform awesome maneuvers that are impossible to the untrained. Kodius can go into more detail about the effect that this skill will have on you guys at his leisure.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Discussions about guild-only skills should happen in the appropriate guild folders.

This message was originally posted in Abilities, Skills and Magic \ Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-SOCHARIS on the forums.