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The Climbing skill is both used and learned by climbing obstacles. A wide variety of such obstacles exist, from the easiest stairs, steps, and ramps to the hardest sheer cliff walls and barricades.

Under DR 3.0, Climbing and Swimming will be combined into the new Athletics skill.


  • Not every example of simple obstacles such as steps or stairs may be climbed. If it can't be climbed, just GO as you would through a door or gate.
  • Learning for climbing is on a 60 second (1 minute) timer. Which means you can only learn from one climb of any particular obstacle once every 60 seconds. If an obstacle is climbable from two directions, each direction is considered a separate obstacle that can be learned from. The timer was tested by Zihnj using a favor orb. An obstacle was climbed, exp was granted, and a stop watch was started. A favor orb was rubbed until climbing was clear. Zihnj then climbed back and forth until climbing got exp again. The timer was confirmed on 3 different climbing spots.
  • Failing to climb an obstacle teaches just as well or better than successfully climbing an obstacle, so an ideal training strategy is to attempt to climb many obstacles in a 60 second time, then repeat the loop if not mindlocked.
  • Holding a weapon in one or both hands while climbing increases the amount of experience gained from the climb. (This was true under climbing 2.0, but has not been confirmed for climbing 3.0)
  • You may now also use CLIMB PRACTICE <obstacle> and STOP CLIMB to practice climbing on reasonably challenging obstacles. Note that practicing will not actually move you, nor will it invoke the experience timers. You would need at least 8 climbs (4 going both ways assuming both ways are roughly equal) in an area that teach you for a climbing script to be as efficient as practice.[1]
  • You now have the option to CLIMB <obstacle> WITH <tool>. If you have an appropriate tool (currently the coiled ropes like those sold at the Crossing General Store are the only ones supported) you will gain a bonus to your climb attempt. However, this comes at the cost of a reduction in experience gained.

Things that Hinder Climbing

  • The biggest hindrance to climbing is injuries. Climbs more difficult than stairs/steps will now also check all limb wounds, not just legs like before.
  • Encumbrance hinders climbing
  • Fatigue hinders climbing. The more difficult the climb, the greater the fatigue cost. The better your success (where applicable) the lower the cost.
  • You may now attempt climbs with items in your hands (any type), but there will be a penalty involved based on the size of the item, and an additional penalty if both hands are filled. Note: climbing tools (see above) are exempt and will not incur a penalty in and of themselves, although the penalty for having both hands filled will be applied if you have something in the other hand as well.

Abilities and Spells that Boost Climbing

  • Appraising an obstacle before attempting the climb helps based on your success at appraising. Note that appraisal difficulties are currently inaccurate, but will still help with the climbing attempt.
  • Being led by a superior climber increases climbing ability. Being led by a superior climbing Ranger increases it even more.
  • Ranger Athletics spell
  • Ranger wilderness bonus
  • Warrior Mage Sure Footing spell
  • Thief - Thief confidence and Urban bonus both include Climbing, per GM-Risek, post #7425 in The Den, A place to talk, squeal, "You can definitely boost your escaping skill with khri. You can boost it by a great deal. You don't have a specific ability to boost you climbing, but it is covered under your Urban Bonus and in Confidence."
  • The role of stats in climbing has been increased. Both agility and strength will aid in climbing, so any other ability that boosts agility and/or strength helps as well.

What to Climb

For a list of climbing locations, see Climbing and Swimming list.

Climbing Scripts



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