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The Lockpicking skill is primarily used to open containers dropped by slain creatures, although it is also part of the lockpick carving and lockpick fixing systems.

In DragonRealms 3.0, this skill will be merged with Disarm Traps and be known as the Locksmithing skill.


See PICK command, Lockpick Carving, and FIX command articles for syntax related to the Lockpick skill.


Lockpicking training should use the tables found in the Disarm Traps skill article to determine difficulty.

Types of Locks and Picks

Certain lockpicks will need to be used on certain types of locks. ANALYZing the lock will reveal what type of lock it is. This has only partially been introduced into the game and is waiting on the Lore rewrite to be fully incorporated. Quality and style will be separated out, so it will be possible to have a master quality pick of the following styles. It was mentioned that grandmaster quality would be able to open all styles of locks, but be restricted to the thief guild.

  • Although difficult to spot at first, a thin hole along the bottom of the lock appears to be the key receptacle.
  • The lock's structure is relatively basic, standard in every way without any unusual characteristics.
  • A sturdy block of metal, the hole for the key is very wide. This big lock obviously is meant for a correspondingly large key.
  • An intricate steel star houses a complex locking mechanism, with two different spots that each look like they're meant to house keys.

Associated Titles

Locksmith (300 ranks)

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