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General Information

Light Edged weapons include daggers, knives, katars, and anything else smaller than a standard sword with a cutting or stabbing edge. Light Edged weapons tend to have extremely high balance, making them ideal for parrying. They're also a common offhand choice, as all guilds can wield light edged, light blunt, and short staff weapons. Light edged weapons tend to come in slicing and thrusting varieties, the former more defensive, the latter ideal for backstabs and ambushes.

Particularly useful for thieves who backstab, light edged has recently, thanks to a wider choice of weapons, become fairly popular among all guilds. Light edged training is required for Necromancers, but said requirement is comparatively low.

Guild-Specific Abilities

  • Barbarians can WHIRLWIND with any pole or melee weapon. This will attack all targets within range of their chosen weapon (melee or pole), including hidden targets. Hidden targets will be pulled from hiding if hit by whirlwind. WHIRL can also be used on one's self or another to free the target from webbing. Requirements: 350 in the weapon skill and 32 agility.
  • Barbarians and Paladins can parry ranged weapons inside the range of the weapon they are holding.
  • With a light edged or medium edged weapon, a Thief may make a backstab attack, which is a special sort of ambush that deals increased damage. Light edged weapons tend to be more accurate, but less damaging.
  • Thieves are also capable of using ambush slash, a crippling attack that targets an opponents legs with an edged weapon.

Recommended Weapons

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