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Tuesday Tidings 53 - Citizenship · on 02/23/2021 20:28 354
The curtain parts as a middle-aged Human woman storms in. Her grey-streaked dark hair bounces at her shoulders as she pulls off a dripping cloak and drapes it over one arm. She approaches the clerk.

"Did I hear right? Zoluren is willing to recognize me as a citizen of Kaerna Village?"

The unimpressible clerk nods. "Everything has its price, it seems. Fill out these forms." He shuffles some papers and slides some across to the lady without looking up from his own paperwork.

"Bah. The coin flows out on the routes. Trade makes Elanthia turn. This contract ain't nothin' I'll lose sleep over." She pushes the paperwork back to the clerk. "Make it so."

He stamps each of the pages, marking them with the seal of Zoluren. In a monotone drone, he says, "Congratulations, miss. By the power vested in me and in recognition of your commitment to the province, you are now Madam Grooba of Kaerna Village. Your taxes have increased, and we will expect prompt payment when they are due. Safe travels."

He finally looks up, but the woman has already left. A pouch of golden coins sits atop the counter before him.

Happy Tuesday, folks!

This week, Paklin has made an expansion to the titles offered by the Citizenship system! Now, beyond simply being a citizen of a province, you may further pledge to a particular town within the province to unlock an "of (city)" affiliation title. Note that for this initial release, we focused mostly on the more major towns. Several of the clans and smaller areas are not currently supported, but we're looking to do more with those in the future!

The citizenship clerks have been updated with a STUDY to help you navigate their queries, and you can ASK ABOUT CITY to gain the new title. You may only pledge to a single city at a time, and it's in addition to your "of (province)" affiliation title. Claiming one of these new titles comes with an initial paperwork fee and will increase your monthly taxes as well.

The following towns have been added at this time:






  • (None)

Aesry Surlaenis'a

  • (None)



If you have any questions, please let us know!

I'm up for next week, and I'll be looking at something related to hunting! New area? Updated creatures? Both? We'll find out in a week!

(for the team!)

This message was originally posted in Places, Cities and Provinces of DragonRealm's Elanthia / Citizenship in Elanthia, by DR-ZADRAES on the forums.


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