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Moon Mage enchanting is based on scribing sigils onto items giving them magical properties. The resulting items can usually be used by other players with enough Arcana skill.

This creation system is expected to be replaced by Enchanting.


The Enchanting quest (SPOILER!) provides a walkthrough of the quest required before a Moon Mage can create enchantments.


As suggested by the name, the creation of enchantments can only be performed by a Moon Mage. Sufficient Astrology and Mechanical Lore are required to create most items.

Creation of Moon Mage enchantments is typically performed by scribing, activating one or more sigils onto items. The item itself may need to be imbued before it can receive a sigil.

  • STUDY: You need to study a sigil from one of three sources:
    1. a celestial object in the sky (failure to study a celestial object results in a 3 minute wait)
    2. a sigil scroll
    3. a sigilbook
  • SCRIBE: Scribing is tracing a sigil over an item, this is done with a burin. You scribe a sigil by holding a burin in your right hand and the item in your left hand, then SCRIBE <ITEM>.
  • ACTIVATE: You activate a sigil by sending lunar mana into it via a spell. In order from least to most effective, activating spells include: Shadows, Dazzle, and Unleash.
  • BIND: The process of permanently sealing the sigil into an object. After a sigil has been activated, bind the sigil to the item by FOCUSing on the item twice.

Helpful spells

Player-made Enchantments

Related Terms

  • Celestial sigil: a pictorial representation of heavenly bodies such as the three moons, the sun, or the thirteen planets.
  • Conjunctive sigil: any combination of 2 overlaying sigils or Celestial sigils.
  • Foundation enchantment: enchantments that are made using only one sigil, or 'foundation sigil' as they are called. Also referred to as 'Foundation-based Enchantments'.
  • Foundation sigil: a sigil that represents a single constellation or other celestial body.
  • Grand square: any combination of 4 overlaying sigils or Celestial sigils.
  • Trine: any combination of 3 overlaying sigils or Celestial sigils.

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