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On 11/11/2016, a new gwethdesuan system dubbed ESP 2.0 went live. This page is kept for archival purposes.

Gwethdesuans (often abbreviated as gweths) are Moon Mage enchantments worn upon the head that allow one to broadcast his thoughts to every gweth-wearer within range. "Gwethdesuan" is Gamgweth for "long speech."

Depending on the type, gwethdesuans can be activated by tapping, rubbing or simply wearing them. All gwethdesuans have the ability to receive thoughts, but two types are unable to send them. All gwethdesuans deactivate if you die or remove them from your head, but some will also deactivate over a period of time or if you tap them. Additionally, with the exception of certain Estate Holder LTB gifts, all gwethdesuans have limited charges and run the risk of shattering each time you activate them.

Types of Gwethdesuans

Gweth vary in their range and frequency, their duration, and whether they can send or only receive messages.

There are six kinds of gweths:

Type Transmission Duration Range Channel
Kyanite send & receive unlimited massive and adjustable (as of 4/16/2015) Chorus
Sjatmal send & receive short long Chorus
Lasmodi receive long long Chorus
Jadeite send & receive unlimited short Cacophony
Lantholite send & receive short short Cacophony
Waermodi receive long short Cacophony

If you are wearing a long-range gweth, you can communicate with those who are nearby. Therefore, in most cases, it is not necessary to wear both kyanite and jadeite; kyanite alone will suffice.[1]

The only exception to this rule is that if one person is wearing only a jadeite gweth, and another is wearing only a kyanite gweth, they will not hear each other's thoughts. (This is because kyanite and jadeite gweths use different channels.) However, if everyone just wore a kyanite gweth, there would be no need for other gweth types.

You can wear more than one gweth, but it's best not to use two gweths of the same frequency (e.g., both a kyanite and a sjatmal gweth). Not only is this redundant, but if you are wearing one of the two unlimited gweths, it will turn off when the gweth of shorter duration runs out of power.

As of March 29, 2009, all gwethdesuans are usable by everyone, regardless of circle. [1]

Usage and Syntax


You must be wearing an activated gwethdesuan to send and receive thoughts. Each time you activate a gwethdesuan, it consumes one charge. (Sending and receiving thoughts does not consume charges.) You can check how many charges remain by FOCUSING on your gwethdesuan while holding it.

When you first WEAR a gwethdesuan, you should immediately see the message "A chorus/cacophony of foreign thoughts joins your own." If not, RUB the gwethdesuan while you are wearing it.

If you remove the gwethdesuan, die, or get arrested, you will have to reactivate it.

Sending a Message

To send a message over the gweths, the syntax is as follows:

THINK <message>

If you begin your message with a preposition (at, to, with, etc), the game mechanics will interpret it as an albredine ring message instead and your thoughts will not be sent over the gweth channels.

How frequently you may send your thoughts via gweth is based on your concentration and mental stats. With lower concentration you may only send thoughts once every few minutes, but at upper circles when your concentration is higher, thoughts may be broadcast with only a slight wait between messages.

NOTE: more precise info on exactly what skills/stats are checked is needed.

Adjusting the Range of Kyanite Gwethdesuans

You can RAISE or LOWER a worn kyanite gwethdesuan to adjust the range. Do not do this quickly! If you change the volume multiple times within a short period of time the gweth can break. When you hear thoughts from a kyanite gwethdesuan, it will be faintly if it is some distance from you, or very faintly if it is from the bleeding edge of your range. LOWERing the gweth will remove anyone thinking in the very faintly range of your hearing.

IC vs OOC Thoughts

There has been a long-standing debate within the community as to what constitutes an acceptable gweth message and what does not. Since DragonRealms places a greater emphasis on role-playing than many other online games, it is expected as a matter of game policy that gweth messages remain in character at all times.

You can be REPORTed for blatant out-of-character speech over the gweth just as you may be reported for OOC behavior in any other public activity within the game. Gweth thoughts that blur the line may not be an actionable violation of policy but might nonetheless draw the attention of someone with a Gwethsmasher.

See Out of Character and OOC Euphemisms.

Nonverbal Content in Thoughts

There is some debate about what can actually be conveyed via gwethdesuan. Purists will often limit this to words, since the actual gweth messaging is, "Your mind hears so-and-so thinking." Other players, including some GMs, expand that to include other human sounds, such as laughter. However, most role-players regard attempts to convey facial expressions (such as smirking) or actions (such as hugging) as inappropriate for gwethdesuans, since you cannot hear such things.

The safest approach is to include only text that a person would normally speak out loud. (Emoticons/emoji and netspeak are arguably OOC, not only because they are too modern, but because they are not normally included in natural speech.)

Creation Method

Currently, only Moon Mages can create gwethdesuans.



  1. STUDY Raven
  3. STUDY Raven
  4. SCRIBE STONE -- a different stone of the same gweth type.
  8. Scribe, activate, and bind the <constellation> -- Viper(need telescope) for kyanite stones. Magpie for jadeite stones. Wolf for waermodi stones. Raven for lasmodi stones. Cat for lantholite stones. Ram for sjatmal stones


  • Each gwethdesuan stone will be set in some sort of metallic chain, though it seems that the type of chain has no bearing on the gweth's functionality.
  • There are some areas in the game where Gweth reception and transmission is blocked, for example inside banks.
  • The Zone Map is a tool that can help you determine gwethdesuan ranges. Short range gweths typically reach only into the same zone on the map. Long range gweths typically reach up to one zone away in all 8 directions. There are multiple exceptions to this, so use this only as a guideline, not a hard and fast rule.


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