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The Enchanter's burin, or simply burin, is a tool used in the Artificing discipline of the Enchanting skill
See Crafting Tools for details.
For documentation of the previous Enchanter's burin's used in the Moon Mage celestial enchanting system, see the archive page.

Creation and Repair

Burins are created using the a simple <wood> burin, fine <wood> burin or ornate <wood> burin from the Shaping discipline or a simple <bone> burin, fine <bone> burin or ornate <bone> burin from the Carving discipline and various Sigils.

Their repair falls under metal tool repair.


  Durability Cap Speed Cap
Type Difficulty Weight Durability Speed Durability Speed
Crafted -
unfocused burin 01 - extremely easy
focused burin 04 - simple
abstract burin 07 - challenging
precise burin 10 - difficult
Store Bought -


 QualityQuality #SpeedSpeed #DurabilityDurability #Rarity
Alerce burin topped with an orange pumpkinmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Balsa burin with a delicate silk-wrapped handlemasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8incidental
Brass burin with a plain wooden handlefestival
Bronze burincommon
Bulbous-boned burin held together with slender animite bandsfestival
Camlet-wrapped burin affixed with a stormy tidal bloodstonemasterfully-crafted12tremendously effective11particularly weak5end loot
Charred felwood burin with a slender crooked handlemasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Crystalline burin fashioned from polished diamondiquemasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Crystalline gais burin wound in a spiral helix of ilmenitemasterfully-crafted12tremendously effective11particularly weak5auction
Demonbone burin grasping a shadow emerald in asharsh'dai bindingsauction
Diamond-hide bound burin fixed with a Zoluren white sapphiremasterfully-crafted12tremendously effective11particularly weak5end loot
Emerald-inlaid xenomite burin tipped with a Velakan starsteel cobra fangmasterfully-crafted12tremendously effective11particularly weak5auction
Eyeball-topped burin with a stiffened optic nerve handlemasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8festival
Fey-bone burin wrapped within a lattice of steelsilk knotworkmasterfully-crafted12rather effective7marginally vulnerable8incidental
Green muracite burin with a green wooden handlemasterfully-crafted12not very effective5rather reinforced11festival
... further results

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