Sigil scroll (constellation jewelry)

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ATTENTION: As of the release of Artificing (June 2019), the sigil scroll system has changed. See Sigil harvesting.

Sigil Scrolls are used to hold charges of Celestial Sigils for use either during the day when the stars are not out or for when certain Sigils are out of season.




  1. STUDY Xibar
  2. SCRIBE <Tanned skin/pelt/etc> - Need to have a burin in your right hand
  3. CUT/TRIM <skin/hide/etc> -- Four times only. Do not do this step 5 times.
  4. STUDY Sun -- Skip this part if using an Angiswaerd scale
  5. SCRIBE <skin/hide/etc> with burin -- To dry hide
  6. CLEAN <skin/hide/etc> with knife/scraper -- Keep CLEANing until done


Once finished Sigil Scrolls can be rolled up and stored till needed. To save a Celestial Sigil on a Sigil Scroll simply STUDY the sigil you wish to save and scribe it on the scroll.


  • Player made Sigil Scrolls only have 2 uses each.
  • After scribing a sigil on a Sigil Scroll a Moon Mage that knows the scorch cantrip can make it so it tells what sigil is on the scroll.