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The Tokka deck was first introduced as a tool for divination by the Followers of the Fortune's Path sect. The Gypsies' aptitude for this tool might be attributed to their fondness for games of chance. Moon Mages can use these painted cards to predict the future by divining meaning from the placement of each picture. Avatars, Portents, and Taisialaen, or "sky jewels", are dealt into predefined positions known as The Thread, The Path, and The Terminus. Tokka decks are often personalized, and it is uncommon that two would be the same.


  • Availability: Taisgath.
  • Visual: All properties of the tool are visible.
  • Durability: High
  • Bond Rate: Average
  • Power Precision: Extremely high, but complex.
  • Duration Precision: Extremely high, but complex.
  • Sect Affinity: Fortune's Path
  • More control over the style of prediction done compared to other tools.
  • Time consuming to predict with compared to other tools (About 30-60 seconds per prediction depending on the DEAL).
  • Predicting on others is consensual only, since they need to cut the deck to attune the prediction to them.
  • Deals include a confidence factor.
  • Since the make up of each deck is different each deck is a little more personal.
  • Use in the rain will cause the deck to age twice as fast.


For general information on how predictions work see the Prediction article.

Like all prediction tools, before use the seer must know the ALIGN ability (learnable at 4th circle) and have made a successful observation. Furthermore, before the first use, the cards must be RUBbed to bond them to the user. Syntax is to ALIGN <skill/skill set>, SHUFFLE the cards, CUT the deck and then DEAL Deck 3, 4, 5 or 6. To predict on someone else CUT the deck at them to allow them to CUT the deck before DEALing. Each card beyond the first three will add a Kismet.


You prepare to deal from your Tokka deck. Envisioning the layout of the Vibrant Cross in your mind, you briefly rest your hand over the place where each position in the spread will lie.
You pull the first card from your deck with complete confidence, revealing the Spider as a Kismet, but it is inverted!
You strongly turn over the next card, revealing the Crypt as the Thread, but it is inverted!
You draw the next card, playing the Ways as the Path.
You almost drop the last card, dealing the Joyous Mage of Hearts as the Terminus.
The Joyous Mage of Hearts brightens for a moment, as if somehow lit from behind.
You collect the cards and slide them cautiously back into your Tokka deck.


Due to the complexity of Tokka cards, one should read A Technical Study of Tokka before continuing.

  1. The way in which each card is dealt indicates the general accuracy of that card.
  2. Kismets (If applicable) act as a modifier to the entire prediction, increasing it's potential but also increasing the risk.
  3. Generally the cards can be divided into positive, neutral, and negative - and their influence in a prediction, particullarly as Kismets, relates to this.
  4. The Thread relates to the magnitude of the prediction. Portents are the most potent here, and Avatars the weakest.
  5. The Path relates to the duration of the prediction. Avatars are the most potent here, and Portents are the weakest.
  6. The Terminus relates to the area of influence. Each card has a one to one relationship to a skill.
  7. The glow or shadow indicates the polarity, and is also where attunement messages would occur.

This particular prediction was a DEAL 4 ALIGNed to Evasion. The Spider is the strongest negative Taisialaen, however it is inverted making it positive and weak, and as a kismet it will influence the Terminus. The Crypt is a negative weak Portent, but also inverted, making it overall positive and fairly weak in the Thread. The Ways is a strong neutral Portent but is weak in the position of the Path. The Joyous Mage of Hearts indicates an unclear Terminus, however the glow indicates an overall positive prediction. Overall the prediction was accurate with the exception of a very unclear Terminus.


When LOOKed at cards have eight qualities. Known qualities are listed from best to worst. As with all tools each message indicates a range. Italics indicate a potential starting value when purchased.


rings with striking vibrancy
surprisingly vivid
bold and clear
somewhat bright
average clarity
somewhat dim
quite faded


somewhat animated
easily recognizable
plainly drawn
somewhat flat


Age Predictions
are pristine and have not yet been used. 0
are still very crisp. >0
are fairly crisp. >20
have the occasional nick. >50
have a few gouges around the edges. >100
are starting to become frayed. >200
have grown quite frayed with use. >350
show much fraying and a number of bends. >550
The bones are very well-used. >500
are significantly bent and worn with use. >750
are worn nearly to tatters from use. >1000


highly square and even
square and even
fairly square and even
roughly square
slightly out of alignment


Brush quality indicates potential potency, lines indicate accuracy, age indicates the number of predictions performed and influences the breakage change and edges indicate the polarity. Portents influences the power of the prediction, Avatars the duration and Taisialaens the skill.


Since a card can appear in any position, messages for Tokka Cards are more about context within the deal and trends within sets of cards than specific messages. Each deck contains 54 cards (Not counting custom cards; decks are limited to 64 cards) and the exact mix varies from deck to deck. For playability the Terminus will frequently contain cards that otherwise will not appear within that specific deck.

Spread (Skill set)

Golden Triad: Defense w/3 cards
Dome of Fate: Defense w/>3 cards
Celestial Pillars: Lore w/3 cards
Scryer's Arch: Lore w/>3 cards
Lunar Circle: Magic w/3
Fateweaver's Glass: Magic w/>3 cards
Staff of the Prophetess: Offense w/3
Scythe: Offense w/>3 cards
Pyramid of Awareness: Survival w/3
Vibrant Cross: Survival w/>3 cards

Draw (Accuracy)

You pull the (first/next) card from your deck with complete confidence
You turn over the (first/next) card without hesitation
You strongly turn over the (first/next) card
You smoothly draw the (first/next) card from your deck
You draw the (first/next) card
You pause briefly before turning over the next card
You uncertainly pull the next card from your deck
You hesitantly turn over the next card
You almost drop the last card
Note: Only roughly sorted, and may not be a full list.

Light (Polarity)

The (card) brightens for a moment, as if somehow lit from behind.
The (card) darkens for a moment, as though a shadow had passed over it.


  • The Thread and the Path glimmer briefly in response. - Turned prediction due to Edge.
  • The (card) flares unexpectedly! The image on the card brightens intensely, suffusing the air with a brilliant white light. As quickly as it came, the light fades, returning the card to its usual hue. - Critical success, improves all physical qualities.
  • The (card) abruptly dims! The color seems to drain out of it as it fades to a shade as black as the night. A long moment passes before the card finally flickers and resumes its normal hue. - Fumble, damages all physical qualities.
  • The cards in play and the Tokka deck itself all flicker like flame in the wind. When they stop, their colors seem somehow more vivid than before. - Improves brushwork.
  • The cards in play and the Tokka deck itself all flicker like flame in the wind. When they stop, their colors seem to have faded. - Damages brushwork.
  • The cards in play and the Tokka deck itself all flicker like flame in the wind. When they stop, their lines seem somehow sharper than before. - Improves lines.
  • The cards in play and the Tokka deck itself all flicker like flame in the wind. When they stop, their lines seem to have slightly blurred. - Damages lines.
  • The cards in play and the Tokka deck itself all flicker like flame in the wind. When they stop, their edges appear slightly smoother than before. - Improves edges.
  • The cards in play and the Tokka deck itself all flicker like flame in the wind. When they stop, their edges seem somewhat less even than before. - Damages edges.
  • The edges of two cards meet unexpectedly, rending them right down the middle! The remaining cards mash against one each other haphazardly, rendering the whole pile basically unusable. Slowly at first, and then with increasing rapidity, the individual cards each shimmer and grow translucent. Before you realize it, they've faded entirely from sight!



Power Rank Positive Neutral Negative
1 Gilded Egg Hourglass Crypt
2 Golden Moon Summoning Barrow
3 Ivory Shrine Ways Falling Star
4 Lucky Copper Window Fissure of Earth
5 Stellar Stairway World Dragon Illusion
6 Web of Fate Endless Seas Locked Door
7 Crossroads Tome of Secrets Void
8 River of Aether Keep Beast
9 Evergarden Branch Valley of Mist
10 -- -- Living Statue

These are not currently sorted and does not include all possible Portents.


Power Rank Positive
1 Races
2 Professionals
3 Suited Professionals

Suits include Hearts, Clubs, Pins and Court. Inflection is indicated by the mood (if any) of the Avatar.


Power Rank Positive Neutral Negative
1 Nightingale Wolf Centaur
2 Wolverine Lion Weasel
3 Magpie Raven Viper
4 Snake Unicorn Shark
5 Albatross Boar Coyote
6 Donkey Panther Heron
7 Dove Cobra Goshawk
8 Phoenix Ox Raccoon
9 Mongoose Scorpion Adder
10 Owl Wren Vulture
11 Welkin Cat Shrew
12 Cow Ram Shrike
13 Jackal Dolphin Spider

Magic Skills

Skill Card
Primary Magic Joyous Mage
Harness Wellspring
Power Perception River of Aether
Magical Devices Artificer
Targeted Magic Falling Star

Lore Skills

Skill Card
Appraisal Jewel of Night
Mechanical Lore Broken Circle
Scholarship Silver Scroll
Teaching Crossroads
Percussion Locked Door
Strings Empty Loom
Vocals Thief of Hearts
Winds Twilight
Animal Lore Beast
Astrology Web of Fate
Empathy Healer
Musical Theory Minstrel
Trading Moneylender

Defensive Skills

Skill Card
Bone Living Statue
Cloth Empty Loom
Heavy Chain Warrior
Heavy Plate Keep
Leather Hunter
Light Chain Broken Circle
Light Plate Wounded Veteran
Multi Opponent Nimble Dancer
Parry Crossroads
Shield Usage Knight

Survival Skills

Skill Card
Climbing Stellar Stairway
Disarm Trap Jewel of Night
Escaping Broken Circle
Evasion Nimble Dancer
First Aid Wounded Veteran
Foraging Valley of Mist
Hiding Twilight
Lockpicking Locked Door
Perception Stargazer
Skinning Beast
Stalking Illusion
Stealing Thief of Hearts
Swimming Endless Seas
Backstab Hourglass
Scouting Hunter

Offense Skills

Skill Card
Light Edge Thief of Hearts
Medium Edge Burning Forge
Heavy Edge Dwarf
Twohanded Edge World Dragon
Light Blunt Gnome
Medium Blunt Falling Star
Heavy Blunt Knight
Twohanded Blunt Wounded Veteran
Slings Halfling
Staff Sling Empty Loom
Short Bow Broken Circle
Long Bow Hunter
Composite Bow Woodsman
Light Crossbow Twilight
Heavy Crossbow Illusion
Short Staff Hourglass
Quarter Staff Runebinder
Pikes Wall of Thorns
Halberds Keep
Light Thrown Minstrel
Heavy Thrown Warrior
Brawling Living Statue
Offhand Weapon Beast

Note that these skills do NOT match the Fortune's Path cantrip.

Custom Cards

Unlike other tools Tokka Cards can be customized slightly - Having unique cards introduced to the deck that mimic other cards. Lohkrian's demonstrates this:

Before Painting:
G>tap card
You tap a Tokka card that you are holding.
G>l card
You see an unpainted Tokka card.

After Painting:
G>tap card
You tap a Tokka card that you are holding.
G>l card
You see the Defenestrated Student.
G>pull card
You hold up your Tokka card, revealing the Defenestrated Student for everyone to see.

G>combine card with deck
You slide the Tokka card into the middle of your deck and then toss a couple of quick strip shuffles by taking small portions off the bottom of the deck and placing them on the top.
Roundtime: 6 sec.
G>study deck
You can SHUFFLE, CUT, and DEAL this Tokka deck. You can even CUT it at other players. DEAL expects a number between 3 and 6. For example: DEAL DECK 4. You can also use many other verbs on this deck, like PUSH, TOUCH, TURN, and more!

Skimming through the cards, you look to see if any have been added.
You see:
the Defenestrated Student
Roundtime: 5 sec.

These cards may then be selected any time the deck looks for a card with the same properties as the card that was added. For that deck, it is now a valid choice to help describe prediction outcome.

G>turn deck
You flip the deck over and glance down to see the face of the Defenestrated Student. It makes you shiver. You pull the card off the bottom and slip it into the middle of the deck.


  • RP verbs that can be used with tokka decks: BABBLE, BREAK (Destroys the deck... in theory, currently bugged), CLENCH, EXHALE, KISS, PAT, PUSH, RAISE, RUB, SHAKE, TAP, THROW, TURN, TOUCH, WAVE, WHISPER (Currently bugged).
  • STUDYing the deck will show if/what cards have been added to your deck.
  • As a simple magic trick can be performed by members of Fortune's Path by WAVEing the deck at a player who then must PULL a card from the deck. After this RAISE will select the proper card.
  • Tokka can be dealt by non Moon Mages however the results will not be predictive.
  • Unlike most tools, Tokka require the second hand to be empty to use them, and the deck cannot be put away until the deal is finished, however the prediction takes place with the first card placed.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Blue and silver Tokka deckTokka Painter's Huttrue
Brass foiled Tokka deckFuture is Now (1)true
Dull black Tokka deck embossed with silver webbingEssential Sects Shop (1)Essential Sects Shop (2)Moon Mage Paviliontrue
Dull grey Tokka deck pebbled with silvery black and brown huesTokka Painter's Huttrue
Elegant tokka deck painted in raesh-styleEssential Sects Shop (1)Essential Sects Shop (2)true
Extravagantly illustrated tokka deckEssential Sects Shop (1)Essential Sects Shop (2)true
Fuzzy-backed Tokka deckEssential Sects Shop (1)Essential Sects Shop (2)Moon Mage Paviliontrue
Gilt-edged Tokka deck (1)Future is Now (1)true
Gilt-edged Tokka deck (2)Grey Raven Commissarytrue
Hyacinthine Tokka deck printed with tiny yellow blossomsTokka Painter's Huttrue
... further results

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