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The Unbend enchantment creates a sigil that when dropped will dispel certain moon magics such as moonbeams, clairvoyance, and refractive fields.




  1. STUDY Durgaulda with telescope
  2. DROP coins
  3. SCRIBE coin
  4. GET Sigil
  5. STUDY <constellation/moon/planet/sun>
    • (see notes below)
  6. SCRIBE, activate, and bind the <constellation/moon/planet/sun>


In order to use an Unbend Sigil simply DROP it in the area of the moon magic you wish to dispel.


  • The effects of an Unbend depend on what secondary Celestial or Foundation sigil you use to complete the enchantment. Many do nothing at all and are just verby fluff items.
Conjunctive Affects Type of Sigil Created
Morleena "Master Sigil" - All moonbeams, Refractive Field, Tezirah's Veil, Shadows, Shadewatch Mirror Sparkling Platinum Sigil
Nightingale All moonbeams, Refractive Field, Tezirah's Veil, Shadows Pitted Platinum Sigil
Unicorn Refractive Field Streaked Platinum Sigil
Katamba Katamba moonbeams Blackened Sigil
Yavash Yavash moonbeams Ruddy Sigil
Xibar Xibar moonbeams Blue-Striped Sigil
Wolf Shadows and Unknown Jagged Platinum Sigil
Raven Shadows and Unknown Winged Platinum Sigil
Wren Tezirah's Veil Multi-colored Platinum Sigil