Multi-armed devourer (constellation jewelry)

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ATTENTION: As of the release of Artificing (June 2019), the creation system for this item has changed. See simple devourer.

Multi-armed devourers are a type of benign shadow creature summoned through Moon Mage enchanting. They serve by clean up anything on the floor in a room by eating it. Devourers have a ravenous appetite and will move in search of 'food' left on the ground. Devourers are summoned with 'devourer eggs,' which may be created using any type of pearl, making these gems useful to Moon Mages.




  1. Scribe Katamba.
  2. Charge the pearl by CASTing Shadows on your <pearl/talon> until "The pearl pulses from within with a deep ebony shadow."
    • Should you overcharge the item by casting Shadows again, it will explode.
  3. Scribe, activate, and bind Katamba.


In order to use a devourer egg DROP the pearl or talon.

>drop pearl

You thumb your black pearl and let it fall.
The pearl cracks open like an egg to disgorge a pool of thin shadows which quickly congeal into an opaque multi-armed devourer.


  • You can injure, and eventually kill off a devourer by repeatedly casting Dazzle at it.
  • If you drop more than one pearl that has been made into a devourer egg, the two devourers will merge into a new, larger devourer which eats faster. You can do this twelve times. Beyond that, nothing happens.
  • Previously on the thirteenth time your devourer would either explode into nothing or transform into a Shadow Master. This ability has since been disabled pending a review of Shadow Masters.