Astoshe's Eclipse (constellation jewelry)

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ATTENTION: As of the release of Artificing (June 2019), the creation system for this item has changed. See Astoshe's Eclipse.

The Astoshe's Eclipse enchantment was named for its creator Sanyrsen Astoshe, a S'kra Mur Moon Mage best known for founding the Goldcaps. This enchantment was likely a valuable tool for the then-fledgling organization.




  1. Imbue the ring to be used
  2. Scribe, activate, and bind the Wolf
  3. Scribe, activate, and bind the Nightingale
  4. Scribe, activate, and bind the Shrew


In order to use an Astoshe's Eclipse ring, rub the ring while worn.

You rub a slender bone ring etched with the crest of the Moon Mage Guild.
You feel yourself flash invisible.


  • The number of charges a ring has will vary based on the skill of the creating mage and the value of the ring. The higher the value, the more charges a ring may potentially have.
  • At any point below "fully charged" a Moon Mage or Trader may try to recharge the enchantment by holding the ring in your right hand and inputing CHARGE MY RING. Doing so takes half of the mage's attunement regardless of success or failure and requires a minimum of 350 ranks of Arcana to have a chance of succeeding.
  • Unlike most enchantments, an Astoshe's Eclipse ring will not be destroyed when the charges are depleted, it will just need to be recharged.
  • Individuals are restricted to using any Eclipse ring once every two hours. Each ring also has a downtime of approximately four hours.

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