Eluned's Scry

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The Eluned's Scry enchantment creates an item that, when bound to a person, will allow another person to break the enchantment and receive a vision of the bonded persons location just like the Locate spell.




  1. Scribe, but do not activate or bind the Dolphin sigil
  2. Wait a period of time, until the Dolphin sigil fades from the fishbone. Otherwise it will interfere with the next step.
  3. Scribe, activate, and bind the Nightingale sigil


In order to use an Eluned's Scry the person who wishes to bind themselves to the enchant must rub the fishbone. Once a person has been bound the enchant is activated by breaking the fishbone.


Rubbing the fishbone to bind it will create minor damage to the hand.