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The Hollow Eve Festival is paid festival that occurs every year around Halloween (every 3.65 years in Elanthia).

The first Hollow Eve Festival was held in 392. Shortly before the festival, the stars disappeared from the skies. Sighting of the Bloodworm Comet followed by many weeks of falling stars made mortals fear that the Immortals were angry with them. They decided to hold a "Holy Festival" to appease the gods.

Some of the subsequent Hollow Eve festivals did not focus on the Immortals, although some of the original god-themed shops have reappeared even when that has been the case.

Gift: Biomechanical tarantula
Gift: Holy Combat Egg
Gift: Epistemic Journal
Toy: kitten - tier 3
Gift: Hand of Glory
Toy: clockwork shark - tier 3
Toy: kitten - tier 2
Gift: painted mask
Toy: clockwork shark - tier 2
Toy: kitten - tier 1
Gift: small iron shark
Toy: clockwork shark - tier 1
Gift: Glass shard hanging from a silken cord
Gift: Asketian Spiritgem Medallion/Spectral Reaper Medallion
Gift: clockwork spider
Gift: amulet/brooch/ring
Gift: animal skeleton
Gift: god totem

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