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painted mask
Look: You see nothing unusual.
Weight: 5 stones
Appraised Cost: 62500 Kronars
50,000 Lirums
45,100 Dokoras
62.5 LTBpoints
62.5 Tickets
62.5 Scrips
  • This item is magical.
  • This item is worn in the head slot.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Hollow Eve Festival 417, Emerald pivuh-shaped bag with a strap of connected plush caravans

The Mask

The painted mask was the Hollow Eve 2015 gift. It is primarily a feature hiding and changing mask, with several possible magical effects. These magical effects are applied to the mask by the use of Pigment jars which were also available at the Hollow Eve 2015 Festival. Pigment jars are used by completing a recipe by based on guild, and then applying the pigment to the mask. The magic effect is then good for one use, and the mask has a one day cool down until another magic effect can be used. These masks bond to the first person to get them from the bag, and cannot be traded or given away.
There are a lot of different diverse possibilities and options for the masks and abilities compared to other magical items out there in the game. Full notes on the masks:

  • The mask covers the wearer's features and third parties will see a unique message about the person wearing a mask. (See appearance when worn for a list.)
  • Unique message changes depending on the pigments (or lack there of) applied to the mask.
  • The mask can be charged with an ability by applying a pigment to it. Once the ability is used, the charge is consumed. The mask does not automatically recharge.
  • The charged ability can be used by POINTing the mask at another PLAYER.
  • Masks have a cooldown of one day per POINT due to all the abilities they have.
  • Masks can be repainted with pigments and CLEANed at will. Once painted, the mask stays painted and charged until POINT or CLEAN are used.
  • POINT does not remove the paint from the mask, so you get to keep whatever guild feature mask for the pigments you used.
  • Bonds on first GET. Yes, this means you can pick up your gift and leave it in the bag to sell or transfer to another of your characters. (GameMasters will not replace masks if you sell or give away yours.)
  • May only be charged with one ability at a time.
  • Must be CLEANed to apply new pigment.
  • Only the mask owner may use the mask.
  • STUDY will tell you if the mask is charged with an ability.

Appearance when worn

Applying pigments to the masks changes both their TAP and the features of a character that wears them.

  • No pigment: a blank mask
<Person's> face is impassive and blank.
  • Bard: a stylized mask split-painted with two dramatically contrasting sets of features
<Person's> face seems to portray the perfect mixture of emotion and composure at all times. Does he even have a bad side?
  • Cleric: a tripartite mask utterly covered in painted script
Features become: <Person's> face bears eyes that seem gentle and kind that is contrasted greatly by a cruel, hard cast across his lips. Just as you think you may be unable to reconcile these disparate pieces, you are struck by the balanced symmetry of his face when taken as a whole.
  • Commoner: a simple mask painted in a decidedly rustic fashion
Features become: <Person> has a look reminiscent of the average peasant.
  • Empath: a blood-red mask dappled with paint in shades of dark purple and sickly yellow
Features become: <Person>'s expressive eyes seem to hold both infinite grace and the pain of millions within their depths, though the rest of his face resembles little more than raw minced meat molded into a rough approximation of features.
  • Moon Mage: a celestial blue mask adorned by complex mathematical formulae painted in lunar hues
Features become: <Person> appears to be bathed in soft moonlight, the shadows it creates lending a slightly foreboding aspect that lingers with you far after you've stopped looking.
  • Paladin: a nearly featureless mask painted with strident white upon gold
Features become: <Person>'s face is the picture of neutrality, so steadfast in its measured expression that you simply are left with no clues as to his emotional or mental disposition whatsoever.
  • Thief: a mask painted with amorphous shapes in dusky shades of grey upon purest black
Features become: <Person>'s face somehow manages to remind you of everybody and nobody all at once. The more you stare, trying to pin down the details of her features, the less you find yourself certain about any of them at all!
  • Trader: a platinum-hued mask painted with brilliant jewel-toned features
Features become: <Person> has a very trustworthy cast to his face, with eyes that seem to reflect nothing but a fair and honest soul and a smile that inspires confidence.
Features become: <Person> has the power of the elements clinging to his every feature, from eyes that seem to crackle with energy to the cool majesty of his frost-pale skin.

Pigment jar

For a list of the actual recipes see Pigment jar
  • Every gift comes with one jar, and more were for sale.
  • Jars do not bond to users.
  • Pigment jars may be studied to reveal your Guild's pigment recipe and how to use the jar.
  • You may only make your Guild's recipe or a Necromancer one.
  • You may make endless pigments.
  • All users that are smart enough to see how to "unlock" the pigment jars may make Necromancer pigments.
  • ONLY Necromancers are shown their guild's recipe.
  • Making a Necromancer pigment is not illegal and does not give outrage.
  • STUDY reveals how to use the jar and your recipe.
  • To provide some balance, Necromancers will find they have access to something else when they STUDY a pigment jar that is not "unlocked."
  • Thieves that have learned certain tricks of disguise will find they can utilize pigment jars in unique ways.


  • Every pigment will apply a unique ability and a unique feature string to a mask.
  • Pigments have the verb STUDY and APPLY.
  • Pigments are not bonded, you may freely sell, trade, or give them away.
  • Pigments decay and become "some useless pigment" after 5 days (Prime) or 14 days (Fallen, Platinum).
  • STUDY shows you how long until decay.
  • All guild pigments are discernible by a unique TAP.
  • An ability may only be used once per application of pigment, but will continue modifying the appearance of the mask until CLEANed.

Mask Abilities

  • Paladin - Aura of Divine Empowerment: Ten charge balance that arcs from a left hand held shield and disrupts the balance of an engaged creature or player. Does not work with worn shields or shields held in right hand.
  • Barbarian - Aura of Intimidation: One charge effect that will drop one non-player target dead in combat. Triggered by health status.
  • Ranger - Aura of Bees: Aura of bees that auto-attack engaged targets and slowly reduce until gone.
  • Cleric - Aura of Nomlas-Blessings: Pulsing bless effect that applies to the target and anyone in the target's group.
  • Empath - Violet Aura of Cure Disease: Cures or diminishes a target's disease. Applies disease to mask-user at 125% intensity of what was healed.
  • Warrior Mage - Aura of Familiarity: An air elemental familiar follows you around for a length of time. If you become stunned, the familiar will drag you away and disperse.
  • Thief - Aura of Shadow: A ten minute long effect that pulses every thirty seconds. Will attempt to hide the target silently on each pulse.
  • Moon Mage - Aura of Sight: May gain a full locate on one target. Normal backtrace for Moon Mages is possible.
  • Bard - Aura of Sympathy: One hour Aura of Tongue effect and 90 minute Ellie's Cry effect is placed on target. If the target dies while the effect is active, the mask-user becomes immediately aware of where the target is.
  • Trader - Aura of Gem Prospection: Creates a random gem worth between 5-7 gold and gives it to the target. Attempts to use hand slots and at feet slots.
  • Necromancer - Aura of Corruption: Requires consent from the target to accept the magic. Gives outrage for use. If in justice area, you risk charges. Provides temporary feature corruption, dark vision, underwater breathing, and an anti-stun.
  • Commoner - Aura of the Crafter: The next item you complete is embellished with the crest of your guild. If used on a Commoner, the item is "devoid of decor." If Necromancer, the crest applied to a finished crafted item is randomized.

Ability Notes

  • Abilities used do not grant consent unless used to assist someone in an active PvP conflict in which the mask-user was not directly involved. (Same as healing someone during PvP combat.)
  • Abilities used on a target do not give the target consent against the mask-user. (See below for exclusion to this.)
  • Abilities previously placed on a target that harm a third party later on do not grant consent against the mask-user. Harmful abilities require combat engagement, so standard consent rules apply.
  • Abilities used to disrupt or harass others will be handled on case-by-case situation. IE: Using the Trader ability to disrupt other's scripts will be considered mechanics abuse or disruption.
  • Special target acceptance is required for the Necromancer ability due to the nature of its abilities. (See below.)
  • Abilities can be released via RELEASE SPECIAL.


Q - Can the masks be used on yourself? It sounds like they can't, which would be disappointing.
A - Only the Moon Mage one has more of a use for the mask-user. All others require a target. Again, this gift is intended to promote interaction and largely based off Gemstone-style buff/spell/high quality items that work similarly.
Q - Is the one use per day a limitation of the mask, or the pigment applied?
A - One day per POINT. You can apply pigment as often as you want.
Q - Do you have to wear it constantly to use it at a certain point?
A - You don't have to wear it to use it. Wearing it enables the feature hiding, but to use the mask's ability charge, you just hold it.
Q - Does this stack with face-worn armor?
A - Absolutely. The mask is worn in the non-armor head slot, so you can wear it with your helms, helmets, balaclavas, etc. I get the feeling most people have forgotten that we released a secondary head slot.
Q - The cleric-painted mask lets her... do what? POINT her mask at a target, and grants the target and their party members a bless (adore the name, btw)?
A - A bless on a pulse, so it continues to fire and hit all members in the group.
Q - Does the use of the mask with the damaging/killing such as the Barbarian pigment cause Empathic shock?
A - No to all.
Q - What kind of outrage does the Necromancer pigment cause? Since Non-Necromancers don't really get "actual" outrage, how is that gonna work?
A - Social, so Social Corruption for non-necromancers.
Q - Can Clerics/Paladins use or be buffed by the Necromancer ability without penalties?
A - Neither have penalties for Necromancers. Nor does the Empath one.
Q - How long doers Aura of the Crafter last?
A - 30 minutes.
Q - What happens to commoners who join a guild? Will they now get the new guild's pigment or will they keep the commoner unlock?
A - It uses current guild (or lack thereof.) If a Commoner joins a Guild, they unlock that Guild and no longer have access to Commoner pigment. They can know the recipe, but the jar won't make it for them.