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Re: Guildfest 405 Auction - Chippable Weapons · on 05/27/2012 04:38 PM CDT 1475
Some more clarification on these, since it was a little difficult to get the exacts out in an IC manner, and there seems to be four hundred differetn rumors about them already.

The items auctioned (pugio, mattock and scimitar)all had the chippable ability.

What this means is:
* A % chance when attacking critters for slivers/spikes of obsidian to peel off and stab into the opponent.
* This percent chance is directly tied to its level of disrepair. The higher the amount of damage to the weapon, the lower the chance of slivers peeling off.
* Each time slivers peel off, they damage the weapon.
* YOU CAN GET THE ITEM REPAIRED AGAIN. It will not permanently damage the item. So you will NOT lose the item by using it.

We have two more versions of this weapon in the works. One where the slivers regen magically, and one where the players craft them and attach them in some fashion.

GM Jaedren
Events Guy

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