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Bonding may also refer to an effect that happens to Moon Mage Prediction devices.

Bonding an item has several effects depending on the source, but the primary purpose is to prevent loss or theft.


  • Bonding items that stack (Throwing blades, ammo) has issues. Upon stacking, the bond may be broken.
  • Bonded items can still be eaten by the janitor. Replacement is not guaranteed.



Bonds from Items

Bonds derived from the bonding items require the INVOKE BOND be used. Any number of items can be bonded this way, but only items that have been in hand within the last 30 minutes can be called like this. They cannot be called while in RT, but it does work while dead.

Bonds from Bond Armaments

Information needed.

Bonds from Glyph of Bonding

This is generally reserved for use on dead bodies. When used on a weapon or shield that was in hand when someone died, it will cause the item to return to the dead person's hand. This requires that the item be placed on the ground.

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