Quelling the Riot

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The guards and staff of Grey Raven Prison, located on an isolated island in the Reshal Sea, have a riot on their hands and it's up to you and your fellow heroes to restore order!

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The inmates struck with deadly precision and quickness, taking over key strategic points in the prison, cutting off all communication with the mainland and shoring up for a prolonged battle. The warden asked for a volunteer and gave him a simple order: Get us help. The lone guardsman braved the waves, washing up on a beach with no idea of his location. Wounded a dazed, he stumbled upon a hero, and with his dying breath, beseeched the Ranger to send aid.

Up to 20 players can participate in the first DragonRealms Adventure, a small-scale "quest" that should roughly take an hour to complete. The best part is, multiple goals and tasks mean that each time you go, it should be a whole new Adventure! In addition, we've implemented a new feature in the Box Office that makes it even easier for groups to quest together! Pick a time and date for your group and contact quests@simutronics.com and your specially scheduled Adventure will have up to 20 reserved slots that can only be purchased by those who know the password!



Rather than coin, dead inmates instead drop Grey Raven scrip, which goes into a group pool when picked up. During the quest, the TASK command will show the total amount of scrip gathered, and when each person leaves the quest, they will get an equal share at that point.

Afterwards, total scrip can be seen in the TICKETS command.

It can be spent at the Grey Raven Commissary.

Random Drops

Mob Levels

Originally, each type of prisoner spawned at a set difficulty.

Level Prisoner
ten hoodlum
twenty detainee
thirty delinquent
fourty offender
fifty culprit
sixty captive
seventy malefactor
Level Prisoner
eighty tough
ninety thug
one-hundred criminal
one-ten convict
one-twenty outlaw
one-thirty felon
one-forty lifer

As of June 2013, each character will have a specific adjective of creature spawn to around their level, which will be found throughout the prison.


File:Quelling the Riot map.gifQuelling the Riot map.gif

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