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Rocket Boosters · on 08/26/2012 02:02 PM CDT 844
I've installed some rocket boosters on a number of the forms of transportation in the game, drastically increasing their speed. This has been in Plat for a little while and is now in Prime and TF. Included are:

Riverhaven <--> Crossing
Leth <--> Crossing
Riverhaven <--> Lang
Riverhaven <--> Throne City
Ain Ghazal <--> Haalishakl
Ain Ghazal <--> Ilaya Taipa (this one in particular was egregiously long)
The Gondola (which no longer slows down if you stuff it full of caravans)

While doing this I also halved the time they spend docked (Two minutes for the longer trips, one minute for the rest).

While this seems straightforward there are actually a lot of little things that could have gone wrong doing these upgrades, so if you could take a moment to ride a few of them and just try... anything I'd appreciate it. Interact with the docks, jump between them, look at stuff, try and board when you can't etc. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

Feedback is also more than welcome on how the new speeds are or similar improvements we could make, just note that anything that is actually a "boat" is a whole different project -- one I'm not in a position to tackle.

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