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Town Meeting 04/13/11 · on 4/16/2011 5:05:52 PM 5222
Once again sorry for the delayed posting...I'm posting this from Talliska's log as I wasn't available to be at the meeting.

As far as I know the discussion revolved around the DP visit to Ilithi and Viggu in Theren.

Alexsei says, "First of all, I would like to bid you all welcome, on behalf of the Order of the White Rose. We are glad to have you with us for this new Town Meeting."

Alexsei says, "For those of you who are with us for the first time, let me very quickly go over what the Town Meetings are, and what purpose they serve."

Alexsei says, "In its most basic form, the Town Meetings are meant to be a hub for the sharing of information. Be it new and happenings from within and without the province, or thoughts and opinions on how we can better serve and protect Zoluren."

Alexsei says, "They are a forum where one can take on news and share their views and information with other citizens and visitors."

Alexsei says, "As such, if there is something you would wish to share at this meeting, please let us know - your input is just as important as the information we gather."

Alexsei says, "Now, let me give a quick reminder on the topic of colored albredine rings."

Alexsei says, "During previous town meetings, it was brought forth that a color of albredine rings should be adopted for Zoluren to use during emergencies, to let defenders share more sensitive information without using gwethdesuans."

Alexsei says, "During these meetings, it was decided that Banded Cobalt would be adopted as the color of choice for this emergency channel."

Alexsei says, "If you own a ring of that color, you can use it during invasions or emergency situations to communicate with other defenders."

Alexsei says, "If you do not own such a ring and would like one, we will hand one to you, free of charge."

Alexsei says, "If that interests you, let me know, and I will hand a banded cobalt ring to you."

Alexsei says, "Greetings and welcome to those who have just arrived, and thank you for joining us."

Alexsei says to Valkri, "Only introductions so far."

Alexsei says, "All right, now that I have blathered on for long enough, let me give the floor to Talliska, who will be speaking of current events from within and without the province."

You say, "Hello all! I'm Talliska, Lorekeeper of the White Rose, here to give my latest report on current events."

You say, "Unfortunately, I've had a few unplanned absences from my duties lately, so I'll likely be asking for some help in piecing together recent invasions and threats to the provinces."

You say, "First, though, I prepared a report about the recent appearance of the Dragon Priest Emperor, Ael'tharaxus, which I was present for."

You say, "I know that several of you were there, either by orders or out of self-interest. So first I'd like to ask if anyone here would benefit from the summary... or if it'd just be redundant."

Netherlich says, "I wouldnt mind hearin the summary."

Vonagan says, "I'm curious as well."

You ask, "Though, since we do have Ilithi's ambassador right here, maybe she'd like to share a few words about it?"

You say, "I'm fine either way. I prepared my own words but I like to get things closer to the source when possible."

Synamon exclaims, "Well, first of all, the general concensus was Holy Crap it is a Dragon!"

Synamon says, "I would love to address it."

You say, "Excelent."

Synamon says, "For those that did not see the entretrance, it was pretty amazing and explained the request for an open air meeting place."

Synamon says, "Ael'tharaxus stated that he was the new emporer of the Dragon Priests and wanted to meet with her grace to reveal his form so thtat there were no doubts."

You say, "I did actually record a description of his appearance if anyone would like to hear that too. Not to interrupt of course."

Synamon says, "The meetind was pretty short, he only addressed Her Grace."

Netherlich asks, "Who does "Her Grace" refer to?"

Netherlich says, "Im serious."

Synamon says, "The Ferdahl, who leads Ilithi."

Synamon says, "Aeminin."

Netherlich says, "Ahh gotcha."

You say, "Yes, the event in question was a meeting between Ferdahl Aemmin and the Dragon Priest Emperor."

Synamon says, "Basically, they agreed to a lose peace of sorts, no active war between the dragon priests and ilithi."

Synamon says, "They also both stated that they did not have complete control over the "adventurers" in thier lands."

Synamon says, "The peace that we are referring to, would simply mean that there is no active threat from the dragon himself."

Synamon says, "He stated that he would not tolerate necromancy in his ranks, nor would he tolerate sorcery."

Addisyn says, "Apologies."

You say, "That part intrigued me. That he said he would actually purge necromancers and sorcerers from the dragon priests ranks."

Synamon says, "He did."

Synamon says, "He was very adamant about that."

Valkri says, "But again, he can't control everyone."

Valkri says, "So some might slip through the cracks as it were."

Synamon says, "He also stated that he would be sending an emmissary in the future."

You say, "Sounds like no more dragon appearances for a while, in that case."

Synamon says, "He made it clear that he wanted there to be no question of his identity."

Synamon says, "I know that there has been talk about the Ferdahl accepting the emmissary into shard, that is something that i will address if neccessary."

Synamon asks you, "I think that about covers it?"

You say, "Thanks a lot for that."

Synamon says, "Of course."

Alexsei says, "Thank you ambassador. That is much appreciated."

You say, "There was another thing Ael'tharaxus mentioned, and that was regarding Lyras... That he wanted to be left alone to work on preventing another like her from rising."

You say, "Foolishness he called it."

You say, "I do also remember there was a brief Adan'f attack while we were waiting for the dragons' appearance. I'm not sure how common that is over in Ilithi though."

Walcar says, "They looking for him."

Leucius says, "We will be repaying them in the near future."

Synamon says, "The adan'f seem to be out of control of the dragon priests actually."

Leucius says, "We can't let them start thinking they are a threat again."

Leucius says, "That simply won't do."

Uthgaar says, "They never mentioned which paladin they were after actually."

Leucius says, "I figured it was you."

You say, "That's for certain. Well, maybe one of you can enlighten me on the connection between adan'f and dragon priest. I'm pretty rusty on that particular bit of lore."

Uthgaar says, "They aslo mentioned an elven witch."

Leucius says, "Former makers, short story."

You ask, "Short and sweet. And you're talking about them looking for a paladin? The adan'f?"

Uthgaar says, "The story is the Dragon Priests used foul magic to create the Adan'f from the shalswar."

Synamon says, "The dragon priests created the adan'f but the adan'f are no longer under thier control. they have mentioned looking for a paladin and now and elven witch in the last attacks."

Leucius says, "Elven witch, well Synamon has bad days days but I wouldn't call her that."

Synamon says, "I knew that was coming."

Leucius says, "Perhaps they mean Ruea."

You say, "I see."

Walcar exclaims, "From translation I think they said "Death to the Paladin!"

Leucius says, "Definatly Uthgaar then."

Uthgaar says, "There were plenty of Paladin there though."

Walcar says, "As in one paladin, not all."

You say, "Speaking of Ruea... she's coming this way, too."

Uthgaar says, "Not just me."

You say, "I asked her to talk a bit about what she recalled of Ael'tharaxus from bardic lore."

You say, "We'll just have to wait a lil bit for her to make her grand entrance."

You say, "Oh."

You say, "Wow."

Leucius says, "With her memory that may be a quick chat."

You exclaim, "Now that is timing!"

Leucius says, "Oh, hello."

Agrimar says, "Why they would single out a Paladin is strange. They've never been the.. friendliest folk. They tend to plow over anyone in their path, or die trying."

Ruea says, "Hello, everyone."

Walcar asks Ruea, "Ears burning?"

You say to Ruea, "I was literally just talking about you."

Alexsei says, "Impeccable timing. You can tell she is used to the stage."

Leucius says, "Well they never have liked me much."

You say, "Actually a lot of us were. But I was nicer."

Leucius says, "For some crazy reason."

Ruea says, "Thank you, thank you, please hold your applause."

Agrimar says, "Can't imagine why, sir."

Ruea says, "I'd have been here sooner but I have this terrible headache."

Leucius says, "It was over a week ago, so I've forgotten most."

You say to Ruea, "As I was telling everyone I was going to ask you to speak about bardic lore regarding Ael'tharaxus and dragon-kind in general."

You exclaim, "If you would share that would be excellent!"

Ruea says, "Not my strongest point but I'll do what I can."

Walcar asks, "What? wait this isn't samatak anonymous?"

Leucius says, "It may require big words is all."

Ruea says, "As we all know, dragons are rare to the point of being myth."

Ruea says, "Except occasionally they show up to remind us otherwise."

Ruea asks, "Did you have any specific questions?"

You say, "Well, when I was south last, Ysselt had mentioned something... a name of a traveler who had written some sort of work about dragons."

You say, "Let me see if I can find the name.."

Ruea says, "Aaron Albuam."

You say, "Yes, there we go."

Ruea says, "His research discussed the division of the caste system between dragons."

You say, "I never got a chance to catch up with her and ask more about it."

Ruea says, "Essentially, there are priest dragons who are attuned with Life Mana, and commonor dragons who are more like warrior mages."

You say, "Interesting... I'd heard from some of our mages that the Emperor actually had an elemental magic aura."

Ruea says, "I can tell you that dragons are somehow bonded to the domain they choose, that their moods and behaviors can be affected by the supposed purity of the area."

Ruea says, "Beyond that I'm afraid my information is a bit gap-y. I never made much study of dragons, having never expected to meet one."

You say, "I don't think any of us did."

You say, "Still, thanks for sharing what you could."

Ruea says, "I can, however, give you a fascinating lecture about making assumptions."

Vonagan asks, "They are shapeshifters? It sounded from the report earlier that the emperor wanted no confusion about his 'true form', as if he might take others at times?"

Ruea says, "Dragons such as Glacis have taken the form of another being at times."

Synamon says, "Some have appeared in other forms, like glacis."

Ruea says, "Whether this is a universal ability or one specifically granted to one sect of dragon or the other we do not know."

You ask, "I was always a bit unclear on the legends of the Heralds. They say the Heralds were in the guise of dragons. But were they really dragons?"

Vonagan asks, "I was wondering if it was thought there was any comparison to the Lanival legends as well. So it is believed that Glacis was real now, and this emperor might be similar?"

Ruea asks, "Was the existance of Glacis ever in question?"

You say, "One thing I have to say though, is that Ael'tharaxus looked very very real. I mean, I was pretty darn sure I wasn't just seeing a vision or seeming."

You ask, "Okay, well, while we're on the topic.. does anyone else have any comments about Ael'tharaxus' appearance, his meeting with the Ferdahl and so on?"

You say, "And thanks again to Synamon and Ruea for your contributions."

Ruea says, "Always a pleasure."

Synamon says, "Of course."

You say, "I suppose everyone's all discussed out about it by now."

You say, "It has been a little while."

Leucius says, "Fine by me."

You say, "I'm sure it's probably for the best."

You say, "Now regarding other recent events. As I said, I've been absent more often than not lately."

You say, "So I have less prepared than I normally would."

You say, "I do know there were a couple of recent invasions in Therengia."

You say, "A pirate invasion over in Riverhaven and another involving Viggu and his orcs further north in Therenborough and Rossman's."

You say, "I was there for the latter, but not the former."

You say, "As far as I could tell though there was nothing of significance to report about these invasions... The pirates and the orcs are old enemies over in our northern neighbors now."

You say, "Anyone else have a recent threat or invasion to bring up? While you ponder over that I'm going to scan over my notes a little bit."

Netherlich says, "I heard someone say something about killer origami up in Dirge the other day."

Agrimar says, "Not sure it qualifies but a handful of hafwas stumbled their way into town not too long ago."

Leucius says, "Paper cuts hurt way more than they should."

You say, "Oh, the killer origami are actually taking residence up near Dirge now."

You say, "There's an old abandoned paper mill there."

Synamon says to Leucius, "You would know with all the paperwork."

You ask, "Behind a... what was it now. Copse?"

Vonagan asks, "Enchanted scraps of folded paper? Er...murderous enchanted scraps of folded paper?"

You say, "Well something dark and mysterious looking."

You say, "We used to get invasions of those here but it seems they're mostly confined to their mill now."

Vonagan says, "Ahhh, it's good to be back."

Netherlich says, "They were on the NTR I guess."

Alexsei says, "We had mentioned in a previous meeting that boggles seem to be animating these origami pieces as an offering of sorts to Idon. This mill seems to be a site where they can be animated in bulk."

You say, "Actually, Zoluren is relatively quiet as far as invasions go lately. Theren's got orc and pirate problems, Ilithi has dragon priests and adan'f... Not that we WANT trouble..."

You say, "And it does give me plenty of time to visit in the other provinces."

You say, "Not so sure about the hafwas. First I've heard of that."

Leucius says, "People travel? huh."

Netherlich asks, "So chances of a new war are slim to zero as of now?"

You ask Agrimar, "Where did you say you saw 'em again?"

Agrimar says to you, "Was one around the bank, and another one or two over by Oxenwaithe bridge."

You say, "I don't think there are any significant sources of conflict right now in Zoluren.. as long as we don't jinx it, I guess."

You ask, "Hmm, one thing I heard while I was around for that Viggu invasion was that the slaver king Jubair is actually Viggu's 'boss'. Is that true at all?"

Addisyn says, "I wasn't there for this so this is all new to me."

Valkri asks, "Who said that Talliska?"

You say, "Well, the fellow's name was Klurn. I don't know how reputable he is in Therengia, sadly."

Valkri says, "Klurn has done alot with learning about Viggu."

Valkri says, "However, I'm not certain if that is confirmed."

You say, "He also mentioned that Viggu has some sort of secret passage or some such in the manor over in Rossman's."

Addisyn says, "I know Klurn spends a lot of time there looking for it."

Addisyn says, "My husband and myself have accompanied him once or twice looking for it."

You say, "I see. So no one's found Viggu's hideout yet, more or less."

Addisyn says, "Not that I'm aware of."

Valkri says, "No, we're still looking."

You say, "Good luck to your orders and militia on the search."

Addisyn says, "Thank you."

You ask, "Again, I'm sorry for the piecemeal updates this time around. Does anyone else have a report or event to talk about?"

Alexsei says, "Thank you for the clarifications."

You say, "We can move on to non-invasion related events as well, if you've any to bring up to the crowd here."

You ask, "Well I'm rather surprised! Nothing at all?"

Synamon says, "Um, not ilithi related events."

You say, "Whatever it may be, go ahead."

Synamon says, "The order of the Apostles will be having some spar nights and such coming up."

Vyldenmor says, "I have this growth."

Addisyn says, "Thank you for having me."

Synamon says, "Keep an eye on the calendar for those and the game nights that are a lot of fun."

Leucius asks, "What are the game nights?"

You say, "So I've heard, I've been incredibly busy lately so I've not managed to have time to come by for 'em."

You say, "But I've heard good things."

Leucius asks, "Gnome tossing?"

Ruea says, "Oh, and I'll be hosting another song night in the next week or so."

Synamon says, "Allye has worked really hard on them."

Synamon says, "Denied and speaker says are the two that are the most fun but spars and group hunts and such."

Heucuva says, "There is a bracketed spar night for circle 65 and under tomorrow."

Synamon asks, "Ruea's song contests are amazing, and she is writing the next play now, right?"

Ruea says, "Trying, anyway."

You say, "I'd be intrigued to see what comes out of those efforts."

Ruea says to you, "Watch out or I'll have you performing my efforts."

You say, "Anyone else with an event? The Rose has a dearth of them lately, but we're working on it."

Valkri says, "For those battle-minded, the Northern Watch continues to hold weekly Fight Nights."

You say to Ruea, "I might be willing."

Valkri says, "Up in the old Gorbesh Fort just north of Langenfirth."

Fintrial asks Valkri, "Does Galti continue to attend?"

Valkri says to Fintrial, "Depending upon schedules, sometimes Lord Oleveir might be there, or Amlach..."

You say, "Well I only have very awesome things to say about Marsais, so I know the fight nights up there are fantastic."

Valkri says, "Also, if you want to beat someone with a stick....come to the Theren Guard Cane Fights."

Valkri says, "I usually wind up as a pinata."

Leucius says, "Hrm, all of a sudden that sounds tempting."

You exclaim, "Instant publicity!"

You say, "Thanks all of you for sharing."

Leucius says, "Oh not you. I was wondering if Craxor attended."

Valkri says, "Actually, no."

Alexsei says, "Well then, if no one else has anything to announce, then I believe that will be it for this meeting."

Alexsei says, "Once again, I would like to thank everyone who has come and attended today. Once again, your presence and input is very much appreciated."

Alexsei says, "Thank you to those who attended, and a safe trip to those visitors who have took the time to come by. We hope you have a safe trip back to your homes."

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