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Fintrial Saranis
Race Rakash
Gender Male
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime


You see Fintrial Goose, a Rakash.
He has gold flecked green eyes and a straight nose. His auburn hair is short and straight, and is worn in a mop of unruly cowlicks. He has tanned skin and a lean build.
He is short for a Rakash.
He is young for a Rakash.

He is wearing a full length hooded cloak of rich brown leather, a backpack of raw silk bound with an ivory-tipped cord, an open-necked white cotton shirt with rolled three-quarter length sleeves, a strand of ivory prayer beads bound to a tarnished silver chain, a rugged leather wristcuff branded with a vulture's claw, a platinum ring bearing the Goose family crest, a dual-toned bypass wedding ring showcasing two trillion-cut diamonds, a hand-tooled leather belt adorned with tarnished silver plates, a polished belt frog with a broadsword hanging from it, a somber pouch strung with a multitude of dangling beads and feathers, some low-riding cotton pants with heavily distressed seams and a pair of knee-high boots with tarnished silver buckles.

He has gold flecked green eyes and a slender muzzle. He has a piebald coat, a straight tail, and a lean build.

Interesting Facts:

  • Birthdate: 17th day of the 3rd month of Lirisa the Archer in the year of the Golden Panther, 366 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.
  • Faith: Urrem'tier, Eylhaar, and Aldauth
  • Loving spouse of Gothus Goose, patriach of the notorious Goose Family Crime Syndicate. (392)
  • After a bit of marital unrest and rumors of adultery, the infamous pair went their separate ways. (399)
  • Bonded to Necrolord Totenus Tanthul for reasons unknown. (399)
  • Forsaking the gods, Fintrial became a vessel for the Necrolord's necromancy, never far from his side. (399-unknown)
  • Captured by Lord Chamberlain Isleif's personal bodyguard,Coenrad Cavus. What happened after the capture is unknown. He disappeared for several years hence. (unknown)
  • Reappeared in Zoluren still bonded to the Necrolord and unwilling to speak of where he had been. (407)
  • Assisted necromancer Einmyria in abducting Starlear for ritual sacrifice. (407)


At an early age, Fintrial was introduced to the practice of magic and the discipline of prophetic astrology by Master Enchanter Malzard Miakainyuso. Though enthralled by his teachings, Fintrial slowly found that his talents and desires did not align with the path of the Moon Mages. Realizing that his power was in his conviction, he sought to learn more of the Cleric guild. Gaining a rather profound respect for death as well as a respect for individual existence, he became a priest, centering himself where the bridge of life and death meet.


Fintrial is an enigma amongst clerics, a wandering socialite of a rogue more than an atypical priest. His outgoing and often arrogant nature usually overshadows his big heart. While seemingly care free, he has a short temper and reserves a low tolerance level for religious fanatics lacking in any true concept of their own faith. Gaining his respect is a simple task if one is knowledgeable in what they speak, believing that ignorance is not bliss and excuses are for the weak. Wasted on none, his charm is an equal opportunity for both male and female to succumb to his thrall.